Six Jobs to Avoid in Ohio

Recession, foreign competition, pollution and other factors have led to multiple Ohio businesses downsizing or shutting down entirely in recent years. Therefore, as an Ohio resident, you may find it difficult to locate work in your field of choice. In fact, you may be tempted to apply for any open job just to pay your bills. However, there are certain Ohio jobs that are not worth taking based on economic factors, safety issues, low pay or the general stress they can create. Obtaining a job in such a field will only waste your time in the long run because you may find that there is no job security or room for career advancement in such positions. Below is a list of six industries in Ohio that you should avoid or carefully consider before you fill out job applications.

Nursing Positions

Nursing is a difficult profession under the best of economic circumstances. However, it is a particularly difficult position to enter into in Ohio because the average number of job openings for Ohio nurses is low compared to job openings for nurses in many other U.S. states. Nurses who do obtain work in Ohio often find their positions to be difficult due to mandatory overtime regulations, which reduce the amount of time they can spend with their families and loved ones. The stress of working too many hours may lead to workplace mistakes and reduced morale among hospital staff. The nursing profession in Ohio has also recently come into the spotlight because studies have indicated that Ohio nurses are bullied and harassed in the workplace more frequently than nurses in other parts of the United States.

Teaching Positions

Teachers are notoriously underpaid in most U.S. states, including Ohio. Teachers in Ohio are required to attend mandatory meetings on a regular basis and spend a lot of their own time and resources assisting their students around the clock. In addition, Ohio teachers must constantly submit review forms, progress reports and other paperwork to the state of Ohio, reducing the time they have available to focus on teaching and lesson plans. Therefore, teaching in Ohio may be emotionally rewarding, but it is a high-stress career with little financial reward.

Postal Industry Positions

The United State Postal Service (USPS) has been in a steady decline for well over a decade. The accessibility of information online and the existence of other package delivery services have both contributed to losses of revenue for the post office. Those trends have led to postal worker layoffs and, in some cases, consolidation of entire postal branches. In the state of Ohio, postal industry positions have become even harder to obtain because factory closings and industrial decline have led to population reductions in formerly busy areas.

If you apply to work for your local Ohio post office, you should be aware that you may be asked to perform many different duties within the facility. You may also be required to work unusual shifts. Additionally, as a postal worker, you will have to work during some holidays and work for extended hours leading up to those holidays. The combination of all of those issues and the fact that many Ohio postal facilities have old equipment that does not always work properly may make accepting a postal position too stressful for you, as well as not financially worthwhile.

Apparel Manufacturing and Retail Sales

If you are thinking of applying for an apparel manufacturing or a retail sales position, you are likely to encounter low starting wages. Your job security may also be in question due to overseas competition driving apparel manufacturing companies in Ohio out of business and forcing down prices in retail businesses. If you intend to work in apparel sales in a commission-based position, you should be aware that the Ohio economy is currently in a slump, which is reducing how much money Ohio residents spend on non-essential items. Many Ohio residents are currently more likely to shop in thrift stores or at flea markets, which is also leading to lower sales figures for large Ohio chain stores.

Industrial Manufacturing Positions

The state of Ohio used to be widely known for its steel factories and other forms of industrial manufacturing. However, complaints about pollution combined with foreign competition have led to many Ohio industrial manufacturing facilities shutting down entirely. The industrial manufacturing facilities that have survived have primarily done so because they have changed the products they make to suit changing economic trends. As a result, Ohio industrial manufacturing positions are presently few and far between. Also, many industrial manufacturing positions involve long or unusual hours and very low pay.

Mining Positions

Ohio is a state that has long been known for its coal mining. However, in recent years, the demand for coal has dropped dramatically due competition from cheaper energy sources. The affordability of other energy sources, many of which are also considered to be more environmentally friendly, has led to a decline in available coal mining positions and a loss of job security for coal miners. Coal miners also face daily safety concerns, as well as short and long-term health hazards associated with the job.