Lucrative Careers in Ohio

In this day and age, it is not simply good enough to get a degree and find a job. The degree and the field that you go into must be one that is doing well and has good growth potential. Upon graduation, the degree becomes much more important in relation to where you are living. In Ohio, there are certain jobs that are vastly more lucrative than others. Factors such as the economy, the state’s focus on trade and the overall unemployment rate can affect how lucrative a job is. After the economic downturn, many states, and companies within those states, had to reconsider their focus. Many manufacturing companies switched their focus to technology, while other companies began to innovate and add new research fields. Ohio’s economy did slowly begin to recover from the recession, but many experts state that it is still trying to gain traction in many industries. Still, if you live in Ohio, there are quite a few industries where lucrative jobs exist and whose potential for continued growth is likely.

Health Care

Those who go into health care and health-related fields will not only find ready employment in Ohio, but will also make a good living. Doctors, dentists and even medical health care managers make a good salary in the metropolitan areas, such as Columbus or Cleveland. The average salary can run from approximately $105,000 to $188,000. The industry has enjoyed a growth of nearly 20 percent in the past four years.


Technology fields in Ohio are offering employees many lucrative opportunities. The field of technology encompasses computer and information systems, research jobs, software development and computer network architecture. Many prominent companies are located in the larger Ohio cities, offering competitive salaries that range from $75,000 to nearly $200,000 a year. The four-year growth shows a 10 percent rise. If the trend continues, those in this field could continue to see salaries increase.

Financial Management and Accounting

Financial management and accounting are lucrative careers in Ohio. Most starting salaries begin around $40,000 a year and can go as high as $200,000. Financial management careers include accountants, bankers, financial advisors and auditors. This group has an approximate four-year growth rate of almost 7 percent.

General Operations Managers

General operations managers handle the day-to-day operations of various companies, from manufacturing to agricultural and many more. Wages for general operations managers generally begin at $20 per hour and can rise to as high as $66 per hour. This industry is quite lucrative and there are many of these jobs across Ohio.

Industrial and Mechanical Engineering

Enjoying a four-year growth rate of a little over 4 percent, engineering offers Ohio residents lucrative salaries. Those going into the field can expect to make a starting salary ranging from $50,000 to $100,000 per year.

Technical and Scientific Products Sales

One of the largest and most lucrative industries in Ohio is in the area of specialized sales. Specialized sales personnel sell technical and scientific product. Top sales people in this field can make approximately $135,000 per year. With the increase of industrial innovation and technical engineering, specialized sales reps have experienced a four-year growth of just over 6 percent. The numbers suggest that this field will continue to grow, and as long as Ohio continues to offer incentives to these businesses, the growth potential will be quite high.

Marketing and Sales Managers

Nonspecialized marketing and sales manager jobs continue to do well in Ohio, offering starting wages of approximately $76,000, with marketing managers making slightly more than sales managers. This industry sees a lot of turnover within companies due to the competitive nature of the industry. Still, those workers who find their way into a management position often enjoy better job security.

Human Resources Managers

Human resources in Ohio has been a strong and steady industry for a number of years, due in large part to the number of companies who headquarter in Ohio’s larger cities. Human resources managers oversee the human resources department, which is responsible for employees’ activities and benefits. Human resources workers also liaise with the federal and state governments to make sure their companies are compliant with unemployment insurance compensation laws, workman’s compensation rules and best practices for businesses in Ohio.

Biofuel Research and Product Development

Scientists who are in the fields of biofuel research and product development will enjoy a lucrative career in Ohio. Workers in this field analyze data from research of biofuels, including the development and application of new sources of biofuels. They test these new sources to see if they have commercial value or potential. Managers in this field command the largest salaries.