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There are many programs offered through the state of Ohio that are designed to assist residents when they need it most. Many residents need benefits but do not have the information required to quickly assess their eligibility and apply. When you download our helpful guides, you gain access to a wealth of information on each step you must take to obtain financial assistance, whether it is in the form of free health insurance, unemployment compensation, food assistance, etc.

Families with children and seniors in need of care can receive vital resources from the state’s Family Assistance Services. If you are in need of temporary cash assistance, food stamps, or even free/reduced-cost school meals, this division of the state of Ohio provides the help you need. Our guide can help you navigate each application process for maximum convenience.

As a member of the workforce in Ohio, you can access benefits to improve your career opportunities. You can also recover from unemployment and return to school with state assistance. Download our guide to Ohio Job Services and Education Assistance to learn if you qualify for educational grants, loans, scholarships or unemployment insurance.

Health care is a necessity for every individual and family. Download our Ohio Health Services guide to learn how you can obtain health services for little-to-no cost through government assistance programs like Medicaid, Medicare and more.

Housing is another fundamental need for families in Ohio. You can find ways to reduce the burden of rent or homeownership by downloading our guide to the Housing & Urban Development Department. This department handles all affordable housing programs, homeowner grant and loan programs, and even Section 8 housing. You could qualify to drastically change the quality of your housing. Find out today with our trustworthy guide.

Need your registration renewed or want to take your driver’s test to obtain a driving license? Our helpful guide on Ohio’s driver and vehicle services is structured to answer all of your questions. Discover how to get all of the documents necessary for legal motor vehicle operation by downloading our comprehensive guide today.