Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV)

An Ohio drivers license is issued by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, referred to as the BMV. Additionally, the BMV provides extensive licensing and registration services for Ohio residents. For example, you must obtain a learners permit in OH from the BMV before you are eligible to receive a driver license. It is important you know the process of obtaining a learners permit and a drivers license before applying, so you have a thorough understanding of what you need. Taking a drivers test at the BMV is an essential component of obtaining a new drivers license, and you should study for it as best you can. On this site, you will find extensive information on the various services provided by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. Continue to the sections below to learn more.

Drivers Licenses

An Ohio drivers license grants a driver the ability to legally drive a regular vehicle in Ohio and throughout the United States. Before obtaining a license, a driver in Ohio must apply for a learners permit, and hold it without incident for a certain period of time. A drivers license application requires taking a driving test to evaluate an applicant’s knowledge of driving laws and his or her ability to drive. A drivers license is also the common form of identification used for various purposes, such as applying for a job or renting an apartment. However, an ID card is available for Ohio residents who still need identification, but choose not to drive. Learn more about drivers licenses in Ohio by downloading our free guide.

Commercial Drivers License (CDL)

CDL license credentials are issued to drivers who operate large vehicles, such as semi-trucks and tow trucks that are responsible for carrying heavy cargo. It is federal law that drivers who operate these sorts of vehicles learn how to obtain commercial driver’s license credentials. A CDL drivers license is only given to drivers who meet specific requirements, and have held their commercial learner permits, first. CDL license requirements are also dependent on the types of endorsements a driver needs. Endorsements authorize commercial drivers to driver-specific kinds of large vehicles, and they are listed on the issued license. Furthermore, CDL qualifications determine whether a driver will hold a Class A, Class B or Class C license.

Motorcycle Licenses

A motorcycle license must be obtained by Ohio drivers who own motorcycles or motor scooters. However, instead of a motorcycle drivers license, drivers have the option of obtaining an endorsement on their regular licenses. A motorbike driving license requires license holders to obtain a Temporary Instruction Permit Identification Card, which is basically a learner’s permit. Additionally, there are requirements DMV motorcycle license holders must satisfy, including age requirements, in order to continue operating their motorcycles. Mopeds and motorized bicycles require full bike license credentials as well, and can be obtained through the same process as learning to get a motorcycle license.

Car Registrations

A car registration is required by federal law and enforced through Ohio’s Bureau of Motor Vehicles. A new car registration helps trace the vehicle to its owner, and must be renewed once a year. In order to process a motor vehicle registration, you have to prove the car is insured and pay the required fee. Additionally, when you complete a car registration online, you must be able to provide proof the vehicle was properly inspected. Although Ohio license plates can be proof vehicles are registered, vehicle registrations documents should still be kept in every vehicle owner’s car.

Traffic Tickets

Traffic tickets can be issued to you for a variety of traffic law violations, including driving under the influence and speeding. To prevent traffic violations, drivers need to be fully aware of the laws they are required to follow while driving. Furthermore, drivers should learn about the traffic ticket defense process if they believe the ticket was unfairly issued, so they can possibly get the fine dismissed. However, if you simply prefer to pay speeding ticket fees, you can also learn the process for paying and how this will be reflected on your driving record. Traffic citations can come with a variety of consequences, aside from paying a fine.

Online Services

The Bureau of Motor Vehicles provides extensive services online for your convenience. If you happen to need your driving record so you can lower your auto insurance rates, you can obtain one easily online. Furthermore, a VIN check can provide history of your vehicle, or a vehicle you are interested in purchasing, so you have an idea of any insurance claims and major repairs made on the car. The BMV’s website allows you to enroll in drivers education courses and register for traffic school when you are attempting to get a traffic ticket dismissed. If you wish to register as an organ donor or change your address when you renew your drivers license, you can use the BMV’s online services to file your requests.

Read more about the Ohio BMV and the different services provided by downloading our comprehensive guide.