CDL Endorsements in Ohio

Ohio CDL endorsements are additions to an individual’s commercial drivers license that allow that individual to operate certain kinds of commercial vehicles. The OH CDL endorsement list, managed by the state’s Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV), outlines the different kinds of commercial vehicles for which a driver can gain special operational privileges. When getting a CDL, a driver needs to choose what kinds of endorsements he or she needs to add to a commercial driver’s license. Each of the types of CDL endorsements involves different requirements for obtaining that endorsement. An explanation of CDL license endorsement types is available in the information below, as well as advice on how to get CDL endorsements in Ohio.

What are Ohio CDL endorsements?

Ohio CDL license endorsements are not separate commercial driver’s licenses, but rather an enhancement to a license. You can add endorsements to your CDL if you need to operate specific kinds of commercial vehicles that typically involve a high level of risk or liability. These vehicles that require adding endorsements to your commercial drivers license may be transporting hazardous materials and therefore require additional training and education. A CDL endorsement may also be needed if you intend to operate a vehicle that transports large numbers of individuals, particularly children. In addition to establishing the OH CDL endorsement list, the BMV also establishes restrictions for CDL owners, as well as endorsements and restrictions for commercial learner permit (CLP) holders. More information on the different types of endorsements you can add to a commercial drivers license can be found in the following section.

Types of CDL Endorsements in Ohio

“Which CDL endorsements should I get in Ohio?” is a question many Ohio CDL applicants may ask themselves while preparing to become licensed commercial vehicle operators. The types of CDL license endorsements you should obtain depend entirely on the type of vehicle you intend to drive, as well as what you plan to transport in that vehicle. The BMV keeps an OH CDL license endorsement list that features six types of endorsements for different types of vehicles. These CDL endorsements are identified with different letters that identify what they endorse and are as follows:

  • H for hazmat
  • T for double and triple trailers
  • P for passenger
  • N for tanker
  • S for school bus
  • X for tanker/hazmat

The hazmat CDL endorsement, identified with the letter “H,” is for drivers who must transport hazardous materials. Getting a CDL endorsement for passenger vehicles will allow you to drive large vehicles, like buses, that can transport 16 or more people. Many of the other kinds of CDL endorsements in Ohio are more or less self-explanatory to many drivers. In addition to these CDL endorsement types, the BMV also has three different kinds of endorsements for those who have a CLP permit and are still learning how to drive a commercial vehicle.

Both commercial drivers licenses and commercial learner permits may also have restrictions in addition to endorsements. Getting a CDL may include restrictions that limit the kinds of a vehicles a commercial driver may operate, as well as where a driver may operate said vehicles and what features a vehicle must possess. These restrictions may also indicate any types of waivers a commercial vehicle driver may have, such as a waiver for agricultural vehicles like tractors. CLP holders may have a restriction that prevents them from carrying cargo while they are practicing driving a commercial vehicle. For more detailed Ohio CDL endorsements information, you can download our comprehensive guide today.

How to Get CDL Endorsements in Ohio

Getting a CDL endorsement in Ohio involves specific requirements based on the type of endorsement you need. Each option from the OH CDL endorsements list requires that you take a separate knowledge test that is different from the general commercial driver’s license knowledge test. Regardless of whether you decide to add endorsements to your CDL, you will still be required to take the general knowledge test. The CDL general knowledge exam and CDL endorsement exams can be taken at either a BMV facility or at a licensed third-party site. Some types of CDL endorsements may require that you undergo a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) background check.

Keep in mind that there is a fee associated with obtaining a commercial driver’s license and any additional endorsements. Applicants seeking a CDL license are also required to complete a medical examination from an approved examiner. The BMV can provide you with a database of all the qualified medical professional who are authorized to conduct this examination in the state. To learn more about commercial drivers license endorsements in OH, you can download our complimentary guide.