How to Reinstate a CDL in Ohio

Getting a suspended CDL in Ohio can be a difficult experience if you operate a commercial motor vehicle. An OH suspended CDL license can affect your employment. A commercial drivers license suspension in Ohio is typically referred to as a disqualification. Disqualifications can be issued to CDL holders for a number of reasons. These reasons may include committing common traffic violations that apply to all drivers in the state, as well as CDL-specific violations. You can reinstate suspended CDL license privileges in Ohio, however, if you meet certain qualifications and follow certain procedures. You can learn about reinstating suspended CDL license privileges in Ohio by reviewing the information below, which includes details on Ohio’s CDL disqualifications.

Reasons for a Commercial Driver License Suspension in Ohio

An Ohio commercial driving license suspension can be enforced for a variety of situations, but they are most typically applied when a driver commits some sort of traffic violation. For instance, an OH suspended CDL may result from speeding more than 15 miles per hour over the speed limit. Additionally, you can get a commercial drivers license suspension if you are caught driving recklessly or changing lanes improperly. The BMV takes driving under the influence very seriously. You will get your CDL license suspended if you have a blood alcohol level that is 0.04 percent or more. You will also be prohibited from driving a commercial motor vehicle for 24 hours if you are found to have any alcohol in your blood. When you are issued a commercial drivers license, you agree to undergo blood alcohol tests whenever and wherever a law enforcement officer demands them of you. You may get your CDL suspended if you do not comply with an officer’s request for a blood alcohol test.

You may still get a suspended CDL in Ohio even if you are not driving a commercial motor vehicle at the time that you commit a traffic violation. You may get an OH suspended CDL license if you commit a traffic violation in your own private vehicle while using your regular driver’s license. A commercial driving license suspension may also occur as a result of many other types of moving violations not mentioned above. Note that different CDL suspension guidelines exist for different types of violations, as well as different types of commercial vehicles. A suspension tends to be more severe for drivers who transport hazardous materials. Also, keep in mind that you may incur harsher penalties after committing multiple offenses during a certain period of time. Too many commercial driver license suspensions may even result in the termination of your commercial driving privileges. In addition to excessive commercial driving license suspensions, there are also certain actions that can result in you permanently losing your CDL. Most of these relate to serious crimes and felonies, such as using a commercial vehicle to transport illegal drugs. Even more details on suspended CDL license reinstatement in OH can be accessed when you download our comprehensive guide.

Ohio Commercial Driver License Disqualifications

An Ohio commercial driving license suspension is typically referred to as a disqualification within the state, although many may use both terms interchangeably. An OH commercial driver license disqualification also refers to the disqualification period, which is the length of time that a commercial motor vehicle operator is prohibited from driving his or her vehicle. These suspended CDL periods, which are also known as disqualifications, may last anywhere from 60 days to the rest of a driver’s life, in which case he or she can consider having lost any CDL driving privileges. CDL suspension periods vary depending on the type of traffic offense, as well as the type of commercial vehicle that was driven. For example, a CDL disqualification period is typically one year for drivers who have been caught with a blood alcohol level of 0.04 percent or higher. This suspended CDL period is increased if the driver was operating a commercial vehicle transporting hazardous materials. CDL holders who receive a disqualification are required by law to inform their employers right away. A driver with a suspended CDL license may face other repercussions from his or her employer. However, the BMV does not regulate an employer’s actions in these instances.

Procedures for Reinstating an Ohio Commercial Driver License

Reinstating suspended CDL license privileges in Ohio is generally a simple process, even though it may take you some time before you are reissued your commercial driving license. The first step towards getting an OH suspended CDL license reinstatement is to serve the disqualification period required of you for the traffic offense you committed. This means that you will not be legally permitted to operate a commercial motor vehicle in the state of Ohio for a specified period of time. Remember that this suspended CDL period, commonly called a disqualification period, typically lasts at least 60 days. To reinstate your suspended CDL license after you have served the disqualification period, you will need to visit a physical BMV office and pay a reinstatement fee. More details on how to reinstate a suspended CDL can be found in our downloadable comprehensive guide.