Driving Exams in Ohio

The Ohio drivers test is a mandatory aspect of obtaining a driver’s license. The drivers license test is required by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) as a way to ensure there are knowledgeable and practiced drivers on the road, which increases the chances of safe driving habits. There are two parts to a driving test. The first is the written drivers test and the second is the practical driving test. Together, they make up the DMV drivers test and examine a new driver’s ability to comprehend and practice driving safety and regulations. In addition to an OH drivers test, drivers are required to complete a vision screening. Learn more about the Ohio driving tests and vision screening by reviewing the sections below.

When can I take the Ohio driving test?

Before applicants can take the road skills drivers exam in Ohio, they must first obtain a Temporary Instruction Permit Identification Card (TIPIC). Applicants must pass the written drivers exam in order to receive this learners permit.

Registering for the on-road driver test in OH requires applicants who are younger than 18 years of age to first complete a driver education course and obtain a driver education certificate. The course has to be certified by the state and must give students 24 hours of instruction time and eight hours of driving time. Passing a written drivers ed test may be required for students to pass the course. When you are prepared for your drivers license exam through completion of the course, you will receive a certificate that you must keep so you can register for the test. The driving exam may have additional requirements for you to meet before you can register, so it best to make sure you have completed everything beforehand.

How can I register for a road skills drivers exam in Ohio?

You can schedule an Ohio driver exam through a few different methods. You can schedule a drivers license exam online, in person at your local driver exam station or by telephone. Do not register for a driving license test unless you will be able to bring a vehicle that is in good condition. You are responsible for bringing a vehicle in which to complete the driving portion of the exam. Prior to taking your OH drivers license test, the vehicle will be inspected by a professional on site. Make sure you bring your certificate of completion for a driver education course upon registering. Download our comprehensive guide today for links and information on signing up for your drivers exam.

The Ohio Written Drivers Test

The Ohio written drivers exam is multiple choice and tests your knowledge of traffic and motor vehicle regulations. The written driving test is considered the knowledge portion of the test, and you must obtain a 75 percent or higher in order to pass it. There are 40 multiple choice questions on the test. For example, the written driving exam may ask you to identify traffic signs. If you fail only the written portion of the OH BMV drivers test, you have to wait 24 hours before you are permitted to retake it. You can download our comprehensive guide to learn more about what you will find on the written drivers exam.

The Road Skills Driving Test in Ohio

The purpose of the Ohio road skills driving test is to examine your ability to operate a motor vehicle. This test is the final requirement before you can obtain an Ohio drivers license. During your driver’s exam, a licensed instructor will sit in the passenger seat of your vehicle and take careful notes on your driving skills. It is important you have practiced for your drivers test in OH, because you will have to wait to retake the exam should you fail it. You will fail your driver’s license test if you cannot properly and safely operate the vehicle. Since the driving exam is based on your ability to fully operate the vehicle, it is composed of two parts: driving and maneuverability.

The Ohio driving test examines your ability to perform the basic functions of driving. This includes being able to start and stop the car appropriately, turn around and back up safely and perform turns appropriately. Additionally, you must use vehicle turn signals properly, drive in the correct lane and maintain a safe following distance. This driving license exam does not test you on any aspects of driving you would not have learned in your drivers education course. Therefore, there are no surprises in regards to what you are tested on. As long as you have practiced, you should be able to pass the test.

The second part of the driver license exam in OH will test your ability to maneuver the vehicle. This is to ensure you have command over the vehicle and can manage to steer it properly. The maneuverability license test asks drivers to steer through markers that have been set up in a driving lot. You will be asked to steer both forwards and backwards through the markers.

Vision Screening for the Ohio Drivers License Test

Vision screening, which is required prior to taking the Ohio driving test, is designed to ensure drivers have a fair ability to read signs and see everything happening on the road. If you fail the vision screening, you are required to obtain corrective lenses, or a note from an eye doctor, before you can take the vision screening again.