How to Replace a Drivers License in Ohio

If you have a lost drivers license in Ohio, you run the risk of getting a ticket for driving without it, and you may run into problems when you are required to show identification in other contexts. The best solution is to get a replacement drivers license as soon as possible by visiting a deputy registrar license agency near you.
A drivers license replacement does not affect your current standing with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV), nor does the process require you to obtain a temporary permit and driver education certificate, as required when getting a new driver license. To replace drivers license credentials, you will mostly just need to be prepared to take time out of your day, have proper documentation and pay a replacement fee. Learn more about how to replace drivers license cards by reading the sections below.

Why would I need to replace my Ohio drivers license?

You need to replace lost drivers license credentials in Ohio, because you are required by law to carry your drivers license on your person at all times while operating a motor vehicle. Additionally, replacing drivers license credentials ensures you have a form of photo ID ready just in case you get pulled over or even if you need to pick up a package at the post office. You may also have to request a duplicate drivers license if your current license is damaged or destroyed. Most of the time, a significantly damaged drivers license will not be accepted as a form of identification. If your license was badly bent and the information on it is distorted, you will not be able to use it as an ID and a police officer can cite you for failing to replace it.

Furthermore, you will have to deal with replacing a drivers license if your license is stolen, confiscated or suspended. If you need to update drivers license information to reflect a new address or a name change, you will also need to order a license replacement. Updating drivers license information is important in these scenarios. You can learn more about replacing a drivers license in Ohio by downloading our comprehensive guide today.

How can I replace my drivers license in Ohio?

If you are asking, “Where can I get a copy of my drivers license in Ohio?” then be aware you are not able to request a replacement online or by mail. You can only obtain a copy of drivers license credentials by visiting a deputy registrar license agency in person. Additionally, you cannot obtain a DMV duplicate license unless you are able to provide proof of your identity. In order to obtain your replacement driver license, you can provide one copy of any acceptable identification document. These documents include a birth certificate, passport or state-issued identification card, among other approved documents.

After you present this information to replace your drivers license, the deputy registrar will input it into the BMV system to generate a copy. While the registrar is updating your drivers license, you will pay the replacement fee. Your replacement drivers license will have the same expiration date as you original license. A new copy of your driver license will be issued to you immediately at the deputy registrar office. Get more information on how to replace a drivers license when you download our comprehensive guide.

Restrictions on Drivers License Replacement in Ohio

You cannot replace a drivers license in Ohio if your privilege to drive is currently under suspension. You cannot request a duplicate drivers license with the BMV until your driver license suspension period has ended. A replacement driving license also will not be issued if you have any warrants out for your arrest. Additionally, the authorities will be notified of your attempt to contact the deputy registrar license agency since they are a government agency and it is their duty to report illegal activity. Furthermore, you cannot get a duplicate driving license if you have any outstanding traffic citations. You are expected to pay the remaining fees before you can receive a replacement drivers license.