Senior Drivers in Ohio

Safe driving tips for seniors in Ohio are increasingly in demand. As Ohio’s population ages, more seniors are on the road. A number of factors actually help improve the safety of mature drivers. For example, seniors tend to abide by road safety rules and wear their seatbelts more than younger adults. However, many seniors might wonder how to drive a car safely in OH under circumstances that are changing for them. Slower reflexes, changes in medication and changes in eyesight and hearing can offset safe driving techniques and require the modification of driving habits. Many seniors can benefit from a mature driver program in Ohio. In fact, many insurance companies offer car insurance discounts for seniors who take a mature driver improvement course in OH and send verification of course completion. Download our free guide to review more information about driver improvement for seniors in Ohio. In some cases, it might be best for a senior to start using other forms of transportation. A senior’s voluntary surrender of driving license in Ohio means that seniors must know how to cancel car insurance and take care of all the necessary paperwork. Learn more about senior drivers in Ohio by continuing on to the sections below.

Driving Safety Tips in Ohio

Safe driving tips can help seniors maintain their independence and keep them behind the wheel. Many seniors may believe they already know how to drive a car safely in OH, but they might start to notice a few warning signs that might cause them concern. For example, seniors might realize they sometimes get lost on familiar roads. Some seniors who understand road safety rules might suddenly start receiving tickets for moving violations or have near-misses or accidents. Some seniors who are familiar with safety driving tips might speed up or drive excessively slowly for no discernible reason.

One of the main Ohio road safety tips for seniors is to listen to their doctors. Doctors might inform seniors to stop or limit their driving, because they are taking medications that make it impossible to abide by driving safety rules, or perhaps they have other health problems. Some safe driving techniques recommended by doctors for seniors might be unexpected. For example, one of the safe driving tips is to exercise regularly. Seniors who are concerned about how to drive a car safely should ask their doctors to review all their medications to ensure they do not cause any adverse interactions. Road safety rules require all drivers to wear corrective lenses when needed, and seniors should see their eye doctors every year. In addition, taking a vision test at the BMV is another accurate way to detect if a senior driver’s eyesight is still safe for driving.

A driving safety course in OH designed specifically for mature adults can teach a senior how to become a safer driver under changing circumstances. During a driving safety class, mature drivers can review road safety rules and learn safe driving techniques unique to their situations.

Additional safe driving tips in Ohio include:

  • Plan the route before leaving
  • Drive only during daylight hours and only in good weather
  • Avoid driving during rush hour
  • Allow extra space between cars
  • Eliminate distractions, such as eating, listening to the radio, or texting/talking on cell phones

To learn more about senior driver safety tips, download our comprehensive guide.

Mature Driving Lessons in Ohio

A mature driver program in Ohio helps seniors refresh their understanding of road safety rules. A mature driver improvement course also provides safe driver tips for dealing with the effects of aging and driving abilities. Some Ohio residents decide to take a defensive driving course for seniors so they can get discounts on seniors car insurance.

Several OH organizations offer elderly driving lessons for moderate course fees. Some offer an online driving school for seniors, and some offer a mature driver education course in Ohio in person. Some drivers might elect to take a seniors advanced driving course in Ohio to learn how laws and driving methods might have changed. Some drivers might be required to take an intensive driving course for seniors because of a court mandate after a traffic violation or an accident. Seniors can take an AAA mature driver course that is both engaging and educational.

Senior Car Insurance Discounts in Ohio

Seniors car insurance in Ohio can help mature drivers save money. Car insurance discounts for seniors in OH, such as over 50 car insurance, are often available for drivers who have reached a certain age. Ohio law requires car insurance for senior citizens and all other drivers. Fortunately, discount auto insurance for seniors in Ohio is available for those who have completed a driving course for seniors and submitted their verification letters.

Mature drivers can obtain senior car insurance quotes online. They can also call a company that offers car insurance for elderly drivers and ask about any discounts offered. Mature drivers can often get a discount on seniors car insurance by limiting their driving time, or by agreeing to drive only during the day. Ohio residents can learn more about OH auto insurance for seniors with the Ohio Department of Insurance Auto Insurance Toolkit. For a complete senior drivers car insurance guide and to see more safe driving tips, download our complimentary guide.

How to Surrender Your Drivers License in Ohio

In cases where the court orders a senior’s surrender driving license, or for a senior’s voluntary surrender of driving license, the driver can turn in his or her license at a local Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) office. In the latter case, the driver might have to complete voluntary surrender forms for seniors at the Ohio BMV. A surrendered driver’s license for seniors means the mature driver can no longer legally drive a vehicle. When seniors surrender driving license credentials, they can obtain an Ohio identification card. Note that Ohio residents cannot hold both an Ohio driver license and an ID card. Drivers automatically surrender drivers license credentials if they obtain Ohio ID cards.

How to Cancel Your Car Insurance in Ohio

Before cancelling car insurance if you are a senior, it is important to understand how to cancel car insurance in Ohio, and whether that is the right action to take. Seniors cancellation of vehicle insurance should only occur after seniors surrender driving license, and no longer plan to drive. An insurance agent can detail the steps to cancel your car insurance, which can be different for each insurance company. When cancelling car insurance, the insurance agent will ask several questions. Before the agent can cancel car insurance policy information, he or she must make sure the customer is no longer driving. Auto insurance cancellation for seniors is not appropriate for drivers who plan to drive even rarely. In these cases, the driver can request car insurance discounts for seniors who drive minimally, instead.