Veteran Drivers in Ohio

Many of Ohio’s veterans take advantage of Ohio drivers license veteran designation, business discounts and health services. In order to access advantaged of prior military service, identification and verification are needed. Ohio veteran designation on license to drive credentials, veterans identification card credentials and veteran license plates are valuable documents for veterans. Learn more about veterans license plate applications and how to apply for veteran license designations below.

What is a veteran designation on a driver’s license in Ohio?

A veteran designation on driver’s license in Ohio allows veterans to place an indicator on the bottom of their valid drivers licenses. This credential has many purposes for veterans.

Veteran designation on license credentials can streamline the process of applying to jobs and educational institutions. Veteran license classifications make verifying service for purposes of joining veteran-specific organizations and gaining access to veteran-owned business services easier. Additionally, driver’s license veteran designation can assist veterans in accessing discounts on goods and services, such as department store items or cruises. You must verify your veteran status when going to a VA hospital or request veteran health services. Your veteran driver’s license can be used to substantiate your benefit status without having to carry around your official veteran paperwork. To learn more about veteran designation credentials, download our free guide.

To apply for your veteran driver classification, you will need to provide proof of your legal name, as printed on your Social Security card, your Social Security Number, your U.S. citizenship, your Ohio residency and at least one form verifying military discharge status. This form can be your official military orders or discharge papers. You must complete your application for veteran license designation in person, at your local deputy registrar license agency.

A veteran designation on license document can be used instead of your official military paperwork. This option is convenient for veterans who must present verification of identity and military service. Your veteran DL will act as both a form of personal identification and as verification of veteran status helping you avoid having to carry multiple forms of proof of service, or risk losing or damaging official documents.

How to Get a Veterans ID Card in Ohio

If you do not possess an Ohio drivers license, you can obtain an Ohio veterans ID card, which will help establish your identity as a former servicemember when accessing vital veteran services. You can obtain a veterans identification card if you are a disabled veteran who cannot operate a motor vehicle, if you do not own a motor vehicle or if you do not wish to obtain a drivers license. A veteran ID card can take the place of your military identification for purposes of receiving access to discounts, educational enrollment or employment preferences.

If you currently have a veteran driver’s license or a regular Ohio driver’s license, your veteran identification will cancel your drivers license, and it will no longer be valid. If you are issued a veterans ID card and later want to regain your drivers license, you must complete all requirements for an Ohio driver’s license including vision testing, road testing and written examination.

The veteran ID card application process involves taking your qualifying documents to your local Ohio deputy registrar license agency. You must complete the veteran’s identification card application in person. To qualify to receive your veterans identification card, you must present verification of identity, residency and U.S. citizenship status. Acceptable forms of identification for veteran ID include your Social Security card, birth certificate or valid U.S. passport. Learn more about required documents needed for BMV services by downloading our comprehensive guide.

How to Get a Veteran License Plate in Ohio

You can apply to get an Ohio veteran license plate for your new or currently plated vehicle in Ohio as a former military service member. Your veteran designated license plate will indicate your branch of service, as well as any honorary medals or distinguishing military awards associated with your service.

Requirements for veterans license plates must be fulfilled in person at a local Bureau of Motor Vehicles office in Ohio. If you are seeking to add a veteran license plate to a newly registered vehicle, you must bring your original car title for verification when processing your application for a veteran-classified license plate.

If you are a disabled veteran, requirements for veteran’s license plates include producing a letter verifying your disability status as qualifying for complete disability status. This letter must be from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, and have been issued within the current or previous year.

If you received a medal of honor for your active duty service, you can obtain a veterans license plate that indicates your outstanding service by providing a copy of your award document when completing your veteran license plate documents at the BMV.

For former prisoners of war veteran license plate designation, you must present several forms of verification, including your Prisoner of War Record of Separation or your honorable discharge paperwork. In addition, to process your veteran license plate application, you must present a letter confirming your status as a Prisoner of War from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.