Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) FAQs

How early can I renew my Ohio car registration?

Drivers in Ohio can renew their car registration documents up to 90 days before their expiration dates. Drivers will need to contact the Ohio BMV in advance in order to make the request.

At what age can an Ohio driver receive the knowledge and vision screenings for a new driver’s license?

An Ohio resident age 15 years and 6 months old is able to go to any driver exam station in the state and take the screening exams. Make sure that the required documents and personal information are provided at the time of the exam.

What types of payment methods will the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles allow for my registration?

Payment to renew a registration with the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles can be made in the form of cash, money order, personal check, cashier check, county agency vouchers and approved credit cards. The way in which a driver is renewing may reflect on the payment methods available.

What information will be on the Ohio knowledge test?

The information that the Ohio knowledge test requires involves areas such as traffic signal recognition, driving techniques to avoid crashes, speed limits in residential areas, recognizing right of way at intersections, turning right on red signals and more. Download our free guide to review more information on drivers license exam preparation.

Does the Ohio BMV have important forms electronically, too?

Beyond finding mandatory BMV forms in person by visiting the office, many important forms can also be found online. The Ohio BMV offers downloadable forms for drivers who wish to print them out from home.

I moved from another state to Ohio. Can I keep my old state’s insurance policy?

In order for drivers to keep their previous state’s car insurance, they must contact their providers to see if they offer coverage on a national level. If so, then the insurance company can easily switch the policy state-to-state. Local insurance policies may need to be switched if they do not provide extended coverage options.

I need an Ohio certified driving record. Where can I find this?

The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles allows drivers the opportunity to access two different types of driving records: unofficial and certified. Drivers may be able to request the records in person, online or by phone.

What’s the age limit for a driver to possess a CDL license Ohio?

A drivers who wishes to learn how to obtain a CDL license in Ohio, or even a commercial learner permit, must be at least 18 years of age. In addition to being at least 18 years old, drivers must also meet the mandatory requirements outlined by the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

Can I ask someone to renew my Ohio registration on my behalf?

Unfortunately, not. No one else is allowed to submit a car registration renewal, except for the driver of the motor vehicle. The state of Ohio requires the person named on the car title to submit the car registration renewal.

I have a moped in Ohio, do I need to have a motorcycle license to legally drive it?

Ohio law requires the same licensing and registration procedures for a motorcycle, a moped and a car. If a driver wishes to become licensed for a moped, then he or she must meet the necessary age requirements, as well as pass the vision and knowledge tests.

I received a speeding ticket in Ohio. Is traffic school a requirement?

Traffic school in Ohio is only a requirement when court-ordered. Oftentimes, drivers will attend traffic school as a way to remove points that their drivers licenses have accumulated. However, taking a remedial driver’s course might not be an option available to some drivers.

What are some acceptable documents I can use to prove my identity for the Ohio BMV?

Acceptable documents that can be used to provide identity at the Ohio BMV include a U.S. birth certificate, U.S. passport or passport card, Social Security card, W-2 wage or tax form, 1099 income statement, and official business or official government identification. Learn more about the documents required at the BMV in our free, informative guide.

I’m moving out of Ohio, should I return my license plate to the Ohio BMV?

Returning a license place in Ohio is not required if you are moving out of the state. However, each state will have separate requirements for registering out-of-state plates, and it is up to the driver to adhere to the new state’s policies.

Can I order specialized military plates through the Ohio BMV?

Yes, drivers who wish to order specialized military plates can do so through the Ohio BMV. Ohio offers a variety of military plate options at no additional cost to the driver. Yet, there may be eligibility requirements that need to be established, depending on the plate selected.

My car title is currently with the lienholder, can I still transfer it?

For drivers who have car titles with lienholder companies, they will need to contact the titling office in Ohio to request the lienholder to send the certificate of title. Once a loan on the vehicle has been paid, then the lienholder will send the title to the driver.

What is a hardship license in Ohio, and how do I get one?

A hardship license in the state of Ohio is provided to families in need who meet the eligible requirements. Usually, the driver must be 14 or 15 years of age and the only licensed driver within the household. This license can be used within a 10-mile radius from the home.

How long can a court order a suspension of my license in Ohio?

A court-ordered license suspension can be provided for any amount of time that the court sees fit. The length of time is solely determined by the court, and must be acknowledged by the driver. If a suspension is longer than 90 days, then a license reinstatement may be necessary.

Is transferring the title of an RV in Ohio the same as transferring a motor vehicle?

Transferring the title of a recreational vehicle is the same process as other vehicles in the state. The same documents will be necessary: bill of sale, new buyer’s information, odometer certification and more. After the necessary steps are complete, the RV title can be released to the new buyer.

Can I order an Ohio replacement vehicle title online?

Drivers cannot request an Ohio replacement vehicle title online. The only way a driver can replace his or her vehicle title in Ohio is in person, or by mail, directly through the County Clerk of Courts’ Title Office.

What score do I need to get on my Ohio written test in order to pass?

The Ohio written test consists of 40 questions broken up into two parts. In order to pass the written test, Ohio student drivers must correctly answer at least 75 percent of the questions correctly, or 15 out of 20 correctly in each part.