Ohio Background Checks

An Ohio background check may be necessary to obtain for a variety of purposes. A background check is basically a report of certain details of an individual’s personal history. These details can help many parties determine the character of an individual, and whether he or she is suitable to work in certain jobs. Background check services most often include details on an individual’s criminal records. An Ohio criminal background search will focus on crimes that were committed in the state, as well as a record of incarcerations. An online background check, however, can include more details concerning an individual’s finances, education, work experience and driving records. More details on these investigations can be found in the information below, including an explanation of Ohio background investigations, and why people use these services. You can also learn how to get a background check online and instantly by submitting your request through a trustworthy third-party provider.

Get Your Ohio Background Check Online

Getting a background check online is one of the easiest ways to get a full background investigation on yourself or another individual. An online background check can also be obtained very quickly with many details made available to you in minutes. These background investigation details can include state and federal criminal records, as well as driving records and previous addresses. Additionally, an online background search can consist of financial records that may reveal an individual’s credit reports, as well as any history of bankruptcy. An online Ohio background search can also provide information on a prospective candidate’s employment history, education and credentials. The details of such a background investigation would normally require an applicant to request records from multiple agencies. An online background check from a reliable third-party provider, however, can provide all of these details and more at a single, online location in just a few clicks. All you need to complete an online investigation are an individual’s first and last name, date of birth and the last four digits of his or her Social Security Number. You will also need a credit card in order to complete the transaction. Obtain an online background check in seconds through a reliable third-party provider.

Get an Ohio Background Check in Person

How to do a background check in person depends on where the person being investigated currently resides. A criminal background check in Ohio not conducted through an online third-party provider requires that the person being investigated submit fingerprints. The state has partnered with WebCheck, an independent, electronic fingerprinting company, to take individuals’ fingerprints and send them electronically to the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI). Additionally, a background check can be completed after scanning a traditional ink fingerprint card and submitting it electronically. A list of where to get a background check at a WebCheck or card scan site is available through the BCI. These fingerprint checks typically take around seven to 10 days to process.

A background check for an individual residing outside of Ohio requires that he or she obtain a fingerprint card from the BCI via mail. In order to complete the OH background check, that individual will still need to go in person to an authorized fingerprinting site in his or her own state, and the fingerprint card will need to be scanned and electronically sent to the BCI. A background investigation conducted in person will only reveal an individual’s criminal records, as opposed to an online background check that can provide more extensive details. For a comprehensive online background search you can obtain in seconds, submit an application now through a secure third-party provider.

What is a background check in Ohio?

A background check is an investigation into an individual’s records in order to determine his or her disposition, reliability or suitability for a variety of situations and circumstances. The details in an Ohio background check almost always include an individual’s criminal history, and this is the type of information most parties are interested in obtaining. A criminal record on a background investigation can bar an individual from working in a school, a healthcare facility or another environment that requires contact with vulnerable populations. The Bureau of Criminal Investigation, through the Ohio Attorney General’s Office, is responsible for providing these records. A background search can include other details besides criminal records, however. Background checks for employment purposes may require details that include an individual’s finances, education and work history. A third-party website can provide all of these details quickly and affordably. Access your instant background investigation right now through a trusted, third-party site.

Why do people use background checks in Ohio?

Many hiring procedures require background checks for employers to determine whether a job candidate is suitable for the job to which he or she is applying. A background check for job placement primarily provides an employer with a candidate’s criminal records, including any details that may legally prevent him or her from being hired. Most government jobs require a background investigation to be conducted for all applicants, as well as any jobs that deal with the elderly, the disabled or children. A background search may also reveal additional details that can help an employer make an informed decision about a candidate, such as a candidate’s work and educational history. If a job requires an employee to operate a motor vehicle, then a candidate’s driving record on his or her comprehensive background check is essential during the hiring process. Additionally, a comprehensive online background search may be useful to landlords to verify if a potential tenant has had a positive rental record and is not a criminal. Get a quick background check online in just a few clicks through a dependable, third-party provider.