Ohio Driving Records

Your Ohio driving record is an essential government document that records relevant information about your driving history. Driving records are becoming increasingly important in the average consumer’s everyday life, as various companies and agencies are beginning to use them for matters beyond law enforcement. Your driving record is used not only by government agencies that record information about your license expiration date, driving endorsements and traffic convictions, but also by insurance companies, and even employers. As such, the contents of your driver record in OH may affect your license status, car insurance rates and eligibility for certain types of employment, particularly those that involve a significant amount of driving. Fortunately, your OH DMV driving record is available online so that you may review the information and ensure it is correct. Your drivers record is an important document with the potential to affect various aspects of your life, and it is important to understand what information it contains. Learn how to get a copy of your driving record through a trustworthy, third-party provider by reading the sections below.

Order Your Ohio Driving Record Online

Your OH driver record is available for request online through a verified third-party provider. To check driving record information, simply complete the order form with the required information, and pay a small fee. A copy of driving record information will be sent to you after your payment is processed. This method is simple and convenient, as it allows you to save time by ordering your DMV driver record online rather than by mail or at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV). The document you will receive will be an official, certified record with your driving history for the past three years. It will include your personal information, license details, traffic violations and more. Ordering driving records online using this method will grant you access to the same information insurance companies, law enforcement and prospective employers see when they look up your driving history. It will give you the opportunity to review the information and ensure that it is all correct. Get your driving record online through a trusted third-party provider.

Request Your Ohio Driving Record by Mail

You may request a copy of your OH driving record by mail if you do not need timely access to your personal information. Requesting an Ohio DMV record search by mail takes considerably longer than doing so online, so you must factor in the time it will take for the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) to receive your completed driving record request and mail the report to you. Be sure to complete all sections of your application correctly, as any missing or incorrect sections will result in your request not being processed. Unlike the online service, which immediately alerts you to missing information, the by-mail option will not allow you to know if you have failed to fill out every required line. Understandable, due to the time it takes to request a copy of your record through a by-mail application, many drivers prefer to fill out a request online. Get your personal driving history through an independent, third-party provider today.

Request Your Ohio Driving Record at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles

If you are wondering how to check your driving record in Ohio, there is a third option available to you, although it is arguably the most inconvenient. You may request a copy of your driver record in person at a reinstatement center or at a deputy registrar license agency. OH driver records may not be requested at driver exam stations, title offices or CDL testing locations, as these locations may not process driver record requests. Call the office nearest you to ensure the ability to process your request, and if possible, make an appointment to avoid any potentially long wait times. Because the BMV driving record you will receive by submitting an in-person order is identical to the one you can request online, ordering your personal driving record electronically, through a third-party provider, may be a better option.

What types of Ohio driving records are available?

There are two Ohio driving record types available to drivers in the state: the official, certified document and the uncertified one. These OH drivers records contain similar types of information, but the certified document, which is available online, includes information from the past three years of your driving history. The uncertified document, which cannot be used for any official purposes, contains information only from the past two years. The certified personal driver record, unlike the uncertified one, is formatted for printing, and can be used for official purposes like court trials, certain background checks and more. Get your certified personal driver history today through an independent third-party provider.

What information is on your Ohio driving record?

Your OH DMV driving history contains details about you as a driver. Personal driving records in Ohio maintain most of this information for a maximum of three years, although certain serious offenses may appear on your record for longer. Your DMV driver history contains personal information, like your name, date of birth and address, as well as limited details about your appearance. It also includes certain details about your driver license, including your license type, number, issue date, expiration date, driving endorsements, restrictions and license status (valid, revoked, suspended, etc.) Finally, your driving record lists the number of points on your license and holds information about past collisions, tickets, penalties any driving-related convictions you have received, including DUI convictions. Generally, your DMV driving record will not contain violations or convictions not related to driving. It will also not feature VIN information or extensive details about your vehicle. To see what your record contains, request a copy online today.