Ohio Traffic School

Ohio traffic school consists of lessons designed to help a driver improve his or her skills if he or she has been issued a ticket for a traffic violation. DMV traffic school is officially referred to as a remedial driving course in Ohio. A remedial driving course is available through many independent schools located throughout the state. These traffic schools must receive their licensing from the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) in order to operate. The BMV also approves and regulates the curriculum taught at these schools. You can attend traffic school online or in person, although you do need to ensure that the school in which you enroll is certified by the BMV. More details on BMV traffic school can be found in the information below, as well as an explanation of why people use this program and the benefits it entails. Furthermore, you can find information on driver-related education by perusing our guide.

What is traffic school in Ohio?

Traffic school in Ohio, which is officially known as a remedial driving course, is intended for drivers who have committed a traffic violation. This driver improvement course has three separate versions in Ohio depending on the age of the driver. Adult drivers who have committed a traffic violation may be able to take a course that teaches them the basics of defensive driving. In order to take this defensive driving course, an adult driver must have at least two points on his or her license, but fewer than 12 points. Completing this BMV traffic course can help a driver avoid accumulating more points on his or her drivers license, which may negatively affect his or her driving record.

There are other driving course options for teenagers, which include the Juvenile Driver Improvement Program and the Advanced Juvenile Driver Improvement Program (AJDIP). Traffic school as part of the Juvenile Driver Improvement program, also known as Juvenile Remedial, consists of six hours of classroom instruction for teenagers who have committed more than one traffic violation. The AJDIP includes more advanced practical training geared toward driving in inclement weather, which is a necessity in Ohio. More details on why people enroll in these programs are provided in the next section.

“How much is traffic school?” is a question many Ohio residents may ask, although there is no single answer. Affordable traffic school options exist across the state at varying price points, and can be compared by contacting BMV-approved schools or comparing schools online. Learn more about BMV educational institutions by reading our guide.

Why do people in Ohio use traffic school?

People use traffic school in Ohio primarily for one of two reasons: either to avoid accumulating points on their licenses, or because they have been ordered by a court to attend. Attending these driving classes may help a driver to reinstate his or her license or avoid further legal repercussions. If you decide to take a remedial driving course without being ordered to do so, you can receive a two-point credit on your license. This credit does not remove any points, but it can prevent you from receiving two points if you commit a traffic violation in the future. A driving class can only be taken for this purpose once every three years. Additionally, the BMV can only apply a maximum of five two-point credits to a driving record. A teenager can also use a traffic school certificate of completion from the Advanced Juvenile Driver Improvement Program to petition a judge for a lighter sentencing at a hearing. Review our guide to learn more about the BMV points system.

The Benefits of Traffic School in Ohio

The primary benefit of DMV traffic school through the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles is that it can help a driver maintain a cleaner driving record. Taking a defensive driving course, like the remedial driving class, can act as a buffer on your license, and prevent you from receiving the 12-point maximum, which can result in the suspension of your license. If you are ordered to attend a driver improvement course, doing so may also prevent the suspension – or even revocation – of your license, as well as other legal consequences that can include large fines or imprisonment. Most importantly, a remedial driving course helps to ensure that a driver can safely operate a motor vehicle, thus helping to reduce the number of accidents on Ohio’s roadways.

How to Enroll in Ohio Traffic School

Enrolling in an affordable traffic school in Ohio is as simple as choosing one from the list of BMV-approved driving schools located across the state. This driving school list is available through the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. An online driving school option may be available at many of these independently operated schools, as well as traditional classroom options. You can contact a BMV traffic school to verify if online instruction is offered, or you can search the web for online traffic schools. Make sure that the school offers the correct driving course – remedial driving, Juvenile Driver Improvement, or AJDIP – before you enroll in that school.

Traffic school fees vary from one school to the next, and some schools may include extras at an additional fee, so make sure that you investigate all of a school’s fees, and only pay for what you need. Online traffic school enrollment will require your credit information in order to pay for these fees. Traditional schools may accept other methods of payment. Learn more about BMV-related fees in our informative guide.