Emissions Inspections in Ohio

The state of Ohio requires emissions testing to be completed in qualifying counties. Understanding smog check requirements is important for drivers, as a test is usually required prior to a new vehicle registration and every two years afterwards. A vehicle inspection for emissions is required for most vehicles. However, there are some vehicles that may be exempt from emissions testing. Vehicle owners should know OH emissions inspection requirements, as well as where they can obtain an inspection. The state of Ohio introduced their vehicle emissions testing program in order to keep excessive levels of pollutants from being released into the air. Drivers must complete a regular smog test in order to prevent unnecessary pollution.

When is Ohio emissions testing required?

Understanding when an Ohio emissions test will be required is important for all drivers in the state. As long as a vehicle meets emissions inspection criteria, then the vehicle must be tested every two years. For even-modeled year vehicles, an emissions check must be completed during even-numbered years. This means that for a 2010 vehicle, vehicle emissions testing needs to be completed in 2012, 2014, 2016 and so forth. For all odd-year model vehicles, testing for emissions must be completed during odd-numbered years. An OH vehicle emissions test certificate is valid for 365 days following the exact date of the inspection. This means that car owners must renew their vehicle registration within this time frame.

Which counties require a smog check in Ohio?

Car owners should know that smog inspections in Ohio are not required in every county. The reason why vehicle inspections are only required in certain counties is due to the Clean Air Act and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines, which require air quality to be monitored throughout different parts of the state. Emissions checks are mandatory in certain counties largely due to the amount of air pollution already present in the area. OH emissions inspections are required in seven counties. For drivers with registered vehicles within these counties, inspections are mandatory. To learn more about where smog checks are required in Ohio, you can download our comprehensive guide.

How do you find emissions testing locations in Ohio?

For drivers who are wondering “Where can I find emissions testing near me in Ohio?” there are a few ways to proceed. Smog testing locations in OH are spread throughout the counties where testing is mandatory. In addition to conventional vehicle inspections stations throughout Ohio, there are also self-service kiosk locations within the state that can help drivers complete their emissions testing without needing to schedule an appointment. Self-service kiosk for emissions testing can be found at 16 of the 23 full-service E-Check locations and can make an emissions test much simpler for drivers. Drivers wondering “Where can I obtain a car inspection near me?” can download our comprehensive guide to obtain additional information.

Which vehicles require an Ohio emissions inspection?

There are specific vehicles that need to receive a vehicle inspection in Ohio and other vehicles that may be exempt. All required vehicles for emissions testing include gasoline and diesel-fueled, equal to or less than 10,000 pounds gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) that are 25 years old or newer. This includes a smog test for flexible fuel and hybrid vehicles, too. The vehicle must also be registered in a smog test county. The types of vehicles exempt from a smog check include the following:

  • New vehicles within the last four model years
  • Vehicles that weigh more than 10,000 pounds GVWR
  • Motorcycles, motor homes and recreational vehicles
  • Collector or vintage vehicles

Other vehicles may qualify as permanently exempt from smog testing in OH, including electrically powered vehicles, vehicles operating on alternative fuel and non-commercial vehicles weighing more than 10,000 pounds GVWR. In order for such vehicles to be deemed permanently exempt from car emissions testing, they must pass a one-time visual inspection by the Ohio EPA.

How can I find the Ohio smog check history for my vehicle?

The Ohio smog check history can be found online by all motorists who have a history of emissions testing within the state. Once a car inspection is provided through the Ohio electronic system, then there will be electronic documentation on file. In order for drivers to locate their OH smog test history, they must provide the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) for the vehicle in question. This check can be completed through state resources.