How to Replace a Car Registration in Ohio

If you have lost car registration documents or if your registration has been stolen or damaged, you will need to order a duplicate car registration as soon as possible. Replacing car registration documents is important for a number of reasons. First, driving without proof of registration can result in fines and penalties if you are stopped by an officer of the law. Second, your Ohio copy of car registration document contains sensitive information, and if this document was stolen, it is best that you immediately notify the proper authorities. Additionally, if your license plates have been lost, stolen or damaged, ordering replacement plates is essential to ensure you do not face fines or become linked to any potential criminal behavior. Be aware that replacing OH vehicle registration is not the same as renewing your registration or obtaining a duplicate car title. Your car registration can be replaced at any time before it expires, and it will not affect your certificate of title in any way. Replacing auto registration is a relatively simple process, provided you follow the steps to order a duplicate registration carefully. Learn how to replace car registration materials by reading the following sections.

Replacing Ohio Car Registration Online

You may replace car registration documents in Ohio using several different methods. To replace your OH car registration easily and conveniently, you may use the state’s official online registration replacement service. This service will allow you to replace your registration card, registration sticker or both if they were misplaced, damaged or stolen. It will also allow you to check your registration by viewing its status. When you replace car registration online, you will need to log into the system by submitting your plate information and last four digits of your Social Security number, your Ohio drivers license number or your personal information as it appears on your driver license. You will then be able to fill out an application for a duplicate registration. Your Ohio replacement car registration should arrive within 10 business days. If the vehicle registration replacement card or sticker does not arrive within that time, contact the BMV immediately, as every day spent without proper registration puts you at more of a risk for penalties or other negative consequences. Learn more about how to replace your car registration, including specific fees and requirements, by downloading our comprehensive guide today.

Replacing Ohio Car Registration by Mail

In addition to replacing Ohio car registration online, you also have the option of ordering a replacement vehicle registration by mail. Ordering an OH DMV copy of registration by mail takes longer than ordering one online. To replace car registration by mail, you will need to complete the relevant application and mail it to the appropriate unit of the Ohio BMV. To replace your DMV lost registration documents, simply provide your license plate number, county of residence, certificate of title number, vehicle specifications and other required information. You must also be sure to declare whether you need a duplicate registration only or a registration with validation sticker. When ordering a replacement by mail, be sure to fill out each part of the application carefully. Your replacement documentation will arrive in about four weeks, but if you do not follow the application instructions carefully, it may take longer, or your documents may not arrive at all. To find out more about replacing your auto registration by mail, including BMV mailing address information, download our comprehensive guide.

Replacing Ohio Car Registration in Person

Your Ohio DMV registration copy may also be obtained in person by visiting the deputy registrar’s office closest to you. When replacing car registration materials using this option, be sure to bring with you all necessary materials, including a valid form of identification and payment for the replacement fees. You may also need to present a power of attorney document if you are replacing registration materials for a vehicle that you lease. Obtaining an OH BMV registration copy in person will likely be quicker than doing so online or by mail. However, replacing car registration materials using this method will be considerably less convenient, as you will need to schedule a trip to the deputy registrar’s office and may have to wait depending on how many people arrive before you. If possible, call ahead to make an appointment.

Replacing License Plates in Ohio

If you are replacing a lost car registration in Ohio, you may not need to order new license plates, as your duplicate vehicle registration will typically feature the same license plate number as your old one. When requesting an OH DMV copy of registration for a stolen vehicle plate, however, you will need to request new vehicle plates. This will typically require that you surrender any old plates you still have and receive plates with a new number (and a new registration card with a validation sticker). If your plates have been stolen, be sure to notify the BMV and fill out a police report. This can help in case your plates are used for criminal activity, and having a police report can help ensure you do not receive a ticket for driving without proper vehicle registration.