How to Replace a Car Title in Ohio

Car title replacement in Ohio is an important task for all drivers to understand, as a car title is a necessary document for legally operating a motor vehicle. There can be several reasons for replacing car title documentation, including cases of lost, stolen or damaged titles. This vital document is important to keep in a safe place. If an owner has a lost car title, he or she must take steps to replace it immediately. In addition to learning how to request a duplicate car title, owners with a stolen car title can report the theft to the police and help to prevent other crimes from taking place. Fortunately, car owners can replace car title documentation quickly and easily if they have the right information. Learn to replace a destroyed or lost Ohio car title by reading the information below.

How to Order a Duplicate Car Title in Ohio

Applicants can apply for a duplicate vehicle title through the local County Clerk of Courts Title Office. Vehicle owners can apply for an OH car title copy by choosing one of two methods: in-person by visiting the title office or by mail. In either case, a duplicate title will be issued through the Ohio County Clerk of Courts Title Office. It is important for all applicants hoping to order an Ohio car title replacement in person to bring a few important things with them. For an in-person application, all drivers must bring proper forms of identification, such as an Ohio drivers license or identification card. In addition, they must complete and submit an application form. Finally, all duplicate auto title fees must be paid.

To replace lost car title documentation by mail, the vehicle owner will still need to complete the application form and send it to the title office that originally issued the title. This form for the copy of a car title must include the mailing address where the new title should be mailed. The requestor’s signature will also be necessary, as well as notarization and any payments for title fees and taxes. For more specific information about replacing a damaged, stolen or lost car title in OH, including fees and required forms, you can download our complimentary guide today.

Information Required to Replace a Lost Car Title in Ohio

As mentioned above, the lost Ohio car title replacement application form is required to obtain a replacement. It is helpful for all drivers to understand what to expect from this application as well as the type of information that they will need to complete an application. The information required for the replacement car title application includes the following:

  • Primary applicant’s name, address and Social Security Number
  • Secondary applicant’s name, address and Social Security Number
  • Evidence of vehicle ownership
  • Any necessary lien holder information
  • The reason for replacement (stolen, damaged or lost vehicle title)
  • Certificate of title number

Applicants who have the above-mentioned information available when they begin the Ohio car title replacement request will have a simple time completing the entire process. To learn more about required information to replace a car title, you can download our complimentary guide today.

Additional Information for Replacing a Car Title in Ohio

Ordering a duplicate car title to replace a lost, stolen or damaged title is different than requesting a replacement title when information changes on the car title. Instead of ordering a duplicate OH car title when transferring ownership, vehicle buyers and sellers will need to go through the different process of transferring a car title. Once a car title is transferred, the title agency will provide the buyer with a replacement car title that contains his or her name. Owners who need to know how to replace a vehicle title due to an error on the title, such as incorrectly recorded mileage, title brand or VIN number, will need to go through a different process. If the title office committed the error, the owner must contact the office that issued the title. If the error was committed by a dealer or customer, the owner will have to submit a request package to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) Title Support Section.