Salvage Titles in Ohio

Ohio drivers may obtain a salvage vehicle title if they have a vehicle that was involved in a serious accident or experienced irreparable damage. Some car owners may ask “What is a salvage certificate and how does it work?” A salvage title is intended to cover a vehicle owner if his or her vehicle is considered a total loss by an insurance company. Vehicles that qualify for a salvage certificate are considered to be damaged beyond repair. In declaring a vehicle a total loss or irreparably damaged, the insurance company determines that repair costs surpass the vehicle’s actual worth. Drivers should learn how to apply for an Ohio salvage certificate so they can receive compensation for their total loss vehicle. For more information about how to obtain an Ohio salvage title, continue reading the information below.

Why is an Ohio salvage title important?

An Ohio salvage vehicle title is important to obtain because it helps a car owner obtain financial compensation after a wreck or serious vehicle damage. When an insurance provider deems a car “beyond repair,” a salvage car title will be needed in order to officially declare the car a total loss. The salvage auto title is intended to be a type of vehicle title branding, noting that the vehicle has been severely damaged or deemed a total loss. Not all vehicles will be eligible to receive a title for salvage, as some vehicles that have suffered damage may still be considered eligible for repairs. It will be up to the insurance company to determine which vehicles are eligible for an OH salvage certificate based upon an initial inspection process.

Additionally, salvage titles are important for helping potential buyers avoid purchasing a vehicle, as the title will warn them of the type of history that the vehicle has had. While drivers can still purchase a vehicle with a salvage title, there may be a major risk involved with the purchase.

It is also important to apply for an Ohio salvage title if the owner would like to rebuild the vehicle and pass a vehicle inspection. If a car owner wishes to register a salvaged vehicle in OH, the vehicle must first be inspected by the Ohio State Highway Patrol. This inspection after the salvage title is issued is not intended to certify safety standards or vehicle quality, but instead to verify ownership of all replacement parts as well as all necessary documents. Vehicle owners can then apply for a new vehicle registration. However, before any salvage vehicle inspection can be completed, the salvage title must be issued. To learn more about Ohio salvage certificates, you can download our complimentary guide.

The Ohio Salvage Certificate Application Process

Knowing how to get a salvage title requires vehicle owners to understand the salvage certificate application form. The salvage title application process requires the same form used to obtain an original certificate of title, replacement certificate of title or duplicate certificate of title. To apply for a salvage title in OH, drivers will need to provide information on the title application form. The types of information needed to apply for an Ohio salvage certificate include the following:

  • Primary applicant’s name, Social Security Number and address
  • Secondary applicant’s name, Social Security Number and address
  • Original Certificate of Title Number
  • Year, body type, VIN number, make and model of the vehicle
  • Applicant’s signature

To obtain an Ohio salvage title, petitioners will need to provide additional details about their vehicle on the application. Furthermore, applicants will be required to provide additional documentation. Finally, the applicant must pay the necessary fees related to a salvage vehicle title. Once all the above-mentioned information is submitted to the local BMV title office, then a salvage title will be provided to the driver. For more information regarding the proper details, documents and fees necessary for an OH salvage vehicle title, you can download our helpful guide today.