How to Transfer a Car Title in Ohio

Ohio vehicle owners must understand how to transfer car title information if they are buying a vehicle, selling a vehicle or moving to Ohio from another state. To successfully transfer title rights, vehicle buyers, sellers and owners will need to follow the required steps for their specific situation. For example, Ohio residents may ask “How do I transfer car title ownership if I am selling my car?” A car title transfer in Ohio will have different requirements, depending upon several factors. New Ohio residents must understand how long they have to transfer car title documents after moving into the state, and they must also understand the documents and information they must submit. To find out where to transfer car title information, along with required documents and information, continue reading the sections below.

How to Transfer a Used Car Title in Ohio

While a transfer of title for a new vehicle is often handled by the dealership, transferring car title documents as the buyer of a vehicle from a private seller requires the buyer and seller to take specific steps. As the seller of a car, a vehicle title transfer in Ohio can be completed by following a few simple rules. On the back of the car title is an area known as the “assignment of ownership”. First, you must make sure the back of the OH vehicle title is completed in entirety. This will require you to provide car title transfer information such as purchase price, buyer information, date of transfer and current mileage. The auto title transfer forms must be notarized and signed. Once all steps are completed to transfer a title at an Ohio title agency, the seller can present the title to the buyer to complete the transfer. The new owner will then be able to obtain a new vehicle registration.

Buyers should make sure the Ohio transfer title is correct by verifying the seller filled out the purchase price, buyer’s information, date of transfer and current mileage. This information for transferring a car title must be verified in the presence of a notary public or deputy clerk. The seller will present the title to the buyer after the document has been notarized. The transfer of title will be complete once the buyer has paid the fees for the vehicle and the new title is issued with the new owner’s name. The new car title will be issued once the buyer brings the title plus the necessary fees to the local title office in Ohio. Before the title transfer is completed, the buyer can be sure to verify that the title has been completely filled out by the seller. Buyers and sellers will also need to bring specific documents and information to the title office. To learn about the documents require required for transferring a car title in OH, you can download our complimentary guide today.

When to Transfer a Car Title in Ohio

The only time when a transfer of car title in Ohio should be completed is when ownership of a motor vehicle changes. All motor vehicles within the state of Ohio are required to have a car title in order to show the current owner of that motor vehicle. This means that a car title transfer must be completed if a vehicle changes ownership, whether through sale, purchase, inheritance or even as a gift or donation. Transferring a vehicle title serves as the legal documentation that the car is now under new ownership with the new owner’s name provided. If an auto title transfer in OH is not completed within 30 days of the vehicle sale, a late fee will be imposed.

Where to Transfer a Car Title in Ohio

All drivers looking to transfer a car title in Ohio must know where to complete the process. Transferring car title information can take place at the local County Clerk of Courts Title Office. Before visiting the local title office, drivers should also understand what they need to bring to the office. An OH car title transfer will require specific items, including the original title, an application form, photo identification (such as a drivers license) and other forms of documentation and information. A title transfer will also require payment.

How to Transfer a Car Title in Ohio as a New Ohio Resident

Transferring a car title when you move to Ohio requires you to convert your out-of-state title to an Ohio title. This means that all owners must be present and have their Social Security Numbers, the title and any information regarding an out-of-state lien holder or out-of-state leasing dealer. Before the OH title transfer is complete, the vehicle owner must verify the information on the odometer, as well as all other information on the title certificate. An out-of-state VIN inspection must be completed prior to the transfer of title. To find out more information about transferring a car title in Ohio for new residents, including the required documents, you can download our complimentary guide today.