SR-22 Insurance in Ohio

“What is an SR22 in Ohio?” is a common question asked by drivers who hear about this type of insurance. SR-22 is a type of limited-liability insurance that covers the beneficiary named on the policy and nobody else. This type of auto insurance provides the minimum coverage standards required to operate a motor vehicle in Ohio. Understanding how to get SR22 is important for drivers to learn, as it can help them if ever they need to reinstate their driver’s license. An SR-22 form can be just what a driver needs to provide a certificate of insurance or financial responsibility to the court in terms of verifying reinstatement procedures. Knowing how to find SR-22 insurance can help drivers through the application process. For more information regarding SR22 filing in OH, continue reviewing the information below.

When is Ohio SR-22 required?

SR22 in Ohio is not mandatory for every driver. While all drivers must be insured, SR22 insurance is a certain kind of vehicle insurance that is only required for drivers who find themselves with a suspended license due to DUIs, serious traffic violations and even driving without insurance. The SR22 form acts as a certificate of financial responsibility, ensuring that the driver meets the minimum car insurance requirements outlined by Ohio and also that the driver continues to meet the necessary requirements for a court-appointed amount of time. Some common situations that require an OH SR-22 form for drivers license reinstatement include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Convictions for Operating a Vehicle under the Influence of Alcohol and/or Drugs (OVI)
  • Driving while uninsured
  • Accumulating a significant amount of driving points on a driving record
  • Causing a serious accident that resulted in injuries

Obtaining SR22/bond insurance will be necessary for drivers to reinstate their license in Ohio after one or the above-mentioned incidences occur. For more information about when to file a form for SR22 in Ohio, download our comprehensive guide today.

How to Find the Cheapest SR22 Insurance in Ohio

Costs for SR-22 in Ohio are not as black and white as people expect. Prices for SR22 vary from state-to-state and can even fluctuate depending on the driver and his or her history. Each driver can find cheap SR22 insurance by searching through companies and verifying pricing ahead of time. Drivers must obtain their insurance from an insurance provider that is licensed in the state of Ohio. Finding the cheapest SR22 insurance may take some time. However, spending time searching for SR22 insurance in OH can eventually help a driver save money in the long run. It is worth noting that not all drivers will be able to find insurance for SR22 from their current car insurance provider and may need to search elsewhere for coverage options.

What are the steps for SR22 filing in Ohio?

Filing an SR-22 form in Ohio requires a certain amount of steps to be completed. First, a driver who needs SR22 insurance will need to contact their current car insurance company or, if uninsured, contact a new car insurance company to let them know an SR22 certificate is required. Being required to file an SR22 will generally raise the rates for car insurance for most drivers and put them in a high-risk category. It is worth noting that a driver may lose coverage through requirement of an SR22 and may need to find a new insurance company. All drivers must be aware that they cannot complete an SR22 filing on their own, and it must be completed through an insurance company. Since the OH SR22 acts as a certificate of verification, the insurance company will file on behalf of the driver with the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV). Many insurance companies will file the SR22 within 72 hours electronically. If a policy for SR22 ends up being canceled by the driver at any time, then the insurance company is required by law to report the cancellation to the Ohio BMV.

Other Important SR22 Insurance Information

An SR22 filing is still mandatory for drivers who find themselves living in another state but have an Ohio suspension. Drivers will need to file an SR22 bond in the state of Ohio. The Ohio SR22 form must be written for the state of Ohio in order to fulfill the obligation to reinstate a license. SR-22 insurance will be mandated for a certain amount of time, generally a few years from the date required. If another violation is reported while a driver is paying for SR22 insurance, then filing SR22 longer may be necessary. However, as long as a driver has SR22 insurance in OH and remains traffic violation-free for the mandatory amount of time, then he or she will eventually be able to purchase regular car insurance without the high-risk association or the SR-22 form. For more information regarding how to get SR22 insurance in Ohio, you can download our helpful guide today.