Veteran Disability Compensation in Ohio

VA disability compensation in Ohio benefits many state residents who meet the program’s eligibility requirements. Veterans must determine their VA disability compensation eligibility and find out how and where to apply for VA disability compensation if they wish to collect the benefits available for former service members. To learn about the Ohio VA disability compensation benefits and program eligibility requirements, continue reading the outlined topics below.

What is VA disability compensation in Ohio?

VA disability compensation is cash assistance that the United States government pays to veterans with disabilities that were caused by an injury or disease that occurred or was exacerbated while in active military service. VA disability compensation benefits might also be paid to veterans with post-service disabilities if the VA disability application process determines the disabilities are related to disabilities incurred while in active service.

VA disability compensation eligibility can extend to family members of deceased veterans who died while on duty or because of their disabilities. This VA disability compensation is called Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC) and may be extended to spouses and children of deceased veterans. In addition, some veterans and family members in Ohio might be eligible for veteran disability compensation in the form of Special Monthly Compensation (SMC). SMC provides additional veteran disability compensation benefits to veterans, their spouses and possibly their parents. This supplemental VA disability compensation is available in circumstances where veterans require the aid of another person or have a qualifying disability, such as an amputation.

Download the comprehensive guide to learn what VA disability compensation is in Ohio and to review veteran disability compensation eligibility requirements for service members and their families.

VA Disability Compensation Eligibility in Ohio

VA disability compensation benefits only apply to disabilities that are associated with active service. In addition, VA disability compensation can only be paid to veterans who were not dishonorably discharged. VA disability compensation eligibility only covers diseases or injuries that the veteran sustained or made worse while on active duty or in training on active duty. Benefits also cover injuries, strokes or heart attacks that occurred while the veteran was on inactive duty training. Veterans can receive VA disability compensation for mental health conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or for ongoing physical conditions like amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

VA disability compensation eligibility in OH can also extend to children with certain birth defects who were born to women veterans who served in Vietnam. Some veterans may be further eligible for veteran disability compensation for special automobiles or clothing purchased to accommodate their disability.

For further information about special VA disability compensation, review the comprehensive guide.

Evidence Required for VA Disability Compensation in Ohio

To enroll in veteran disability, veterans must be able to provide evidence that they have a mental or physical disability that is related to their military service. While determining VA disability compensation eligibility, officials may ask veterans for medical records to prove the disability and the causal relationship with the veteran’s service. However, causal relationships are presumed for VA disability compensation benefits in the following cases:

  • Veterans who were prisoners of war
  • Gulf War veterans who served in Southwest Asia
  • Veterans who were exposed to certain toxins or diseases during their service

How to Apply for VA Disability Compensation in Ohio

Applicants can enroll in veteran disability online after registering with the VA website. Veterans can seek help with the VA disability application process from an accredited agent or representative, or they can get help at regional VA office in Ohio. Veterans can also apply for VA disability compensation by mail.

Proving VA disability compensation eligibility requires supporting documents. The evidence required for VA disability compensation benefits can include discharge papers, any service treatment records and medical evidence from doctors and hospitals. For some VA disability compensation claims, the VA might require a medical examination or medical opinion in addition to any supporting documents.

Service members do not have to wait until they are discharged before filing a VA disability compensation claim. With the Benefits Delivery at Discharge program, veterans can begin the VA disability application process between 90 and 180 days from the date they will be separated or discharged from the military. Eligible service members should apply for VA disability compensation as soon as possible during that timeframe to ensure they receive VA disability compensation benefits once they are discharged. VA disability compensation applicants must allow enough time to go through the medical exam process during this time.

How does the VA disability compensation work in Ohio?

The amount of VA disability compensation received depends on the severity of the disability. Veteran disability compensation benefits are graduated, so veterans who are eligible for veteran disability compensation receive their benefits on a scale that ranges in 10 percent increments from 10 percent to 100 percent. Veterans with dependents can receive additional VA disability compensation if they have combined disabilities that are rated at 30 percent or higher. VA disability compensation benefits might be reduced for veterans who also receive payment from military retirement, separation incentives or disability severance.

Both federal and state governments offer programs specifically for former service members. Veterans can find assistance with finding employment when re-entering the civilian workforce or purchasing a home by checking with their local VA office.

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