How to Apply for Unemployment Insurance in Ohio


To file for unemployment in Ohio, an applicant must learn important information regarding the application process. Most new applicants wonder, “How can I sign up for unemployment?” Learning where to sign up for unemployment benefits usually involves learning how to apply for unemployment benefits, as well. For instance, knowing how to apply for unemployment online can help save an applicant time and stress. Unemployment registration in Ohio can be completed in one of two ways, which is up to the applicant to decide. Potential beneficiaries should also learn what information is required to file for an unemployment claim, including any documentation or proof that will be requested by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services. To find out more information regarding the application process for unemployment benefits, as well as where to apply for unemployment in Ohio, continue reading below.

How to Apply for Unemployment Benefits in Ohio

To apply for unemployment benefits, applicants must first make sure they meet the eligibility requirements. An applicant can determine how to file for unemployment once UI qualifications are established. Applying for unemployment insurance can be completed in one of two ways: online or by phone. Many applicants choose the online application for unemployment, as it is the fastest way to apply. Knowing how to apply for unemployment online is an important for step for many new applications. The online unemployment application can be accessed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Applicants who do not have access to computers may visit the local library or an Ohio job resource center where public computers are available.

The second way in which an applicant can file for an unemployment claim is by telephone. Applicants will need to contact the Ohio Job Center by phone between established hours during the work week. Many prospective applicants choose online unemployment registration over telephone unemployment registration, due to the high call volume and long wait periods. All prospective beneficiaries who choose to apply for unemployment insurance by phone will need to have all the required information and documentation in front of them.

Note that the entire application process, no matter which way an applicant chooses to apply, should take no longer than 30 minutes. Applicants who access the online application for unemployment will have the option to save their applications and log back in later to complete them, as long as it is within 24 hours of beginning the application. The unemployment claim application will not be considered officially completed until a confirmation number is received. Read more about the unemployment benefits application process by downloading our free guide.

What information will be required to file for unemployment in Ohio?

Filing a new unemployment EDD application in Ohio requires very specific information to be provided. One of the most critical components to apply for unemployment benefits is knowing the information requested in advance. A few of the items requested for both the online unemployment application and telephone unemployment registration include, but are not limited to the following:

  • The applicant’s Social Security Number
  • The applicant’s driver’s license number or Ohio ID number
  • The applicant’s contact information
  • Employer information
  • Any out-of-state employment within the past 18 months
  • Any separation from military or federal government employment within the past 18 months
  • The reason for becoming unemployed
  • Dependent information
  • Alien registration numbers for noncitizens

Download our comprehensive guide to review further details about the required information on an OH unemployment application.

While contributing information for the unemployment file claim, applicants must be as honest as possible. Any beneficiary who is caught lying on his or her unemployment application will face serious consequences, as it is considered a crime. The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services will pursue any acts of fraud that are caught during the unemployment registration process.

Can an unemployment EDD application in Ohio be submitted if an applicant is out of the state?

Ohio applicants may be confused as to where to register for unemployment benefits if they have worked in more than one state. A common question asked is, “How can I sign up for unemployment benefits if I live in another state, but previously worked in Ohio?” To file for unemployment in Ohio, beneficiaries must establish that the base period of employment was, in fact, in Ohio. An applicant can still sign up for unemployment in Ohio if he or she lives in – or seeks work in – another state, as long as the first four of the last five completed quarters of the year were in Ohio. This is what is known as an “Ohio interstate claim.” If an unemployment applicant has worked in more than one state during a base period, then he or she may still submit an application for benefits with combined wages from each state. Establishing a “combined wage claim” means that unemployment registration must still be submitted in at least one of the states where the base period wages occurred. To find out more regarding how to apply for unemployment benefits in Ohio, download our complimentary guide.

Ohio Job Services

What Job Services Does Ohio Provide to its Residents?

Ohio works to ensure its residents have help obtaining and retaining stable employment through its Department of Job and Family Services. Qualified residents can receive benefits such as Unemployment Insurance or partake in free training programs designed to improve employability. Additionally, qualified students can learn more about funding for higher education. Find out more about these services and how you can obtain them by reviewing our comprehensive guide today.

Who Can Receive Job Services in Ohio?

Job services in Ohio are available for residents throughout the state. However, in order to receive funds for education or for unemployment compensation, you will need to meet certain income requirements, among others. Additionally, you will need to fill out the appropriate forms in order to be considered for benefits. Find out the steps necessary in each application process and how you can qualify for benefits by reviewing our Ohio job services guide here.