Disaster Unemployment Assistance in Ohio

Disaster Unemployment Assistance in Ohio is a type of government relief program that helps those who have been directly affected by a natural disaster. While the Disaster Unemployment Assistance Program (DUA) is similar to the unemployment benefits program, it operates as a separate entity with different sources of funding and rules for qualifications. The U.S. Department of Labor institutes the DUA program and uses the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to manage the distribution of funds to each state’s unemployment program. Therefore, the President of the United States must officially declare the event a disaster before the DUA program can go into effect. To learn more about Disaster Unemployment Assistance eligibility qualifications in Ohio, review the topics below.

Ohio Disaster Unemployment Assistance Eligibility

Eligibility for Disaster Unemployment Assistance in Ohio covers those who normally would not be qualified to receive unemployment compensation. Those applying for DUA coverage must have lost earnings or the ability to work because of the disaster. Eligible persons applying for Disaster Assistance in Ohio include:

  • Those who no longer have employment because of the disaster.
  • Those who cannot travel to work because they live in the disaster zone.
  • Self-employed individuals who cannot conduct typical business because of the disaster.
  • Those who cannot work because the place of employment has been damaged by the disaster.
  • Those who have been injured by the disaster.
  • Those who are now the heads of household because the former head of household has passed away due to the disaster.

Farm workers and owners can also apply for disaster assistance if their ability to farm has been disrupted by a disaster. Employees who work at a church or religious place of worship can also be covered by DUA, even though they would not regularly be eligible to be a part of the unemployment benefits program.

How to Apply for Disaster Unemployment Assistance in Ohio

The Disaster Unemployment Assistance application must be turned in within 30 days of the President declaring a disaster in your state. The exact method for how one can submit a DUA application will be announced by each state’s agency for unemployment. In Ohio, the Department of Jobs and Family Services (ODJFS) manages unemployment benefits for all residents. In the event of an officially declared disaster, the ODJFS will instruct Ohio residents on how they may apply for DUA. Also, the nature of the disaster could affect the method of application. If many areas of the state are experiencing power outages or down telephone lines, applying online or by telephone may not be possible. In some cases, the ODJFS will announce certain locations where applicants can report to fill out their Ohio Disaster Unemployment applications if other forms of communication are not widely available.

Applicants can still receive Disaster Unemployment Assistance from Ohio even if they have been evacuated to a different state. Oftentimes, the state that has taken in evicted Ohio residents can provide help for filing for Disaster Assistance through the local employment agency.

When learning how to apply for disaster unemployment assistance, you must know how long your benefits can last. The disaster assistance period starts the full week following the President’s declaration of the disaster. After you have submitted your application within the 30-day period and are accepted, you will have up to 26 weeks of DUA benefits. At the time of the disaster, the ODJFS will decide the benefits amount of each applicant. Details on how much each applicant may be entitled to will only be made available in the event of an actual disaster. However, federal law does dictate that each state must pay at least 50 percent of the average benefit amount in the state at the time.

Because of this, those who can apply for disaster unemployment assistance in Ohio or any other state in the nation will have to make sure they are not already eligible for regular unemployment benefits coverage. The DUA program is only for those who meet the eligibility criteria listed above and are not eligible for or already enrolled in the unemployment compensation program. If an applicant is eligible for unemployment benefits, he or she can apply for that type of benefits program, instead. These two programs must be applied for separately, as they have two different sources of funding. The DUA program in Ohio is funded by the federal government. The unemployment program is funded by taking a small portion of the wages of civilian non-federal employees.

The application for Ohio Disaster Unemployment Assistance will generally ask the applicant to provide personal and contact information, such as one’s name, address and Social Security Number. The exact details about income and place of employment that applicants will need to divulge will be made clear by the ODJFS in the event of a disaster. Learn more about DUA application procedures by downloading our free guide.

Benefits From Disaster Unemployment Assistance in Ohio

The benefits received from the Ohio disaster unemployment program are considered cash benefits. This means that the funds received from the program can be used for any purpose. Other programs, such as the food assistance program, place restriction on what items beneficiaries can and cannot purchase with their government benefits. However, the DUA program does not place such restrictions on those who are eligible for support from the program.

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