Ohio Unemployment Benefits for Ex-Service Members and Federal Civilian Employees

Reemployment benefits for unemployed former federal civilian employees and ex-service members are available to qualified applicants through the unemployment benefits program. However, federal employees, both military and civilian, have different rules and regulations for how they can receive unemployment assistance. The unemployment compensation eligibility for ex-service members and civilian federal employees will have unique guidelines for acceptance into the program that do not apply to non-federal employees. Since ex-military and civilian federal employees fall into two different categories of workers, the enrollment process will vary from one another, as well. To learn more about unemployment compensation eligibility for federal civilian employees and ex-servicemembers, read the sections listed below.

Unemployment Compensation for Ex-Service Members in Ohio

The United States government has a program in place that operates as reemployment benefits for unemployed former military employees called The Unemployment Compensation for Ex-servicemembers (UCX) program. This program is in place to help former military personnel receive benefits while they seek full-time employment. This program applies to all personnel who were on active duty with any branch of the military. However, a former military employee must have been honorably discharged to enroll in the UCX program. UCX benefits can also be applied for by former employees of the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Unemployment compensation for former military employees can only be awarded if the ex-servicemember completed his or her first full term of service, which is the period of time a servicemember initially agrees to serve. Former military personnel can receive unemployment benefits if they did not complete the first full term of service under these conditions:

  • The servicemember was released from duty as part of an early-release program
  • The servicemember was medically disqualified from duty
  • The servicemember was experiencing some form of hardship
  • The servicemember was proven to be mentally inept

Unlike other unemployment programs, unemployment compensation for ex-servicemembers is not paid for by a deduction of the workers’ wages, but is provided for by the military, or by NOAA.

Unemployment compensation for ex-service members in Ohio means learning how to apply for unemployment benefits through the same methods that a civilian, non-federal employee can use to apply for benefits. Ex-servicemembers can apply through an online system provided by the Ohio state government, or they can call by phone. The former military employees will need to provide many types of personal information when applying for unemployment benefits, including:

  • Their full legal names.
  • Their driver’s license or ID card numbers.
  • Their contact information.
  • Their Social Security Numbers.
  • Their citizenship or immigration statuses.
  • The contact information for their last employers.
  • Their DD-214 form, which proves honorable discharge.
  • Any dependent information.

Download our free guide to review more details about what is required to apply for unemployment as a former military member.

If former military employee unemployment compensation is granted, the applicant will have to prove he or she is looking for full-time work on a weekly basis. In Ohio, unemployment beneficiaries must apply for at least two job positions a week to continue to meet the eligibility requirements, regardless of former military status.

Unemployment Compensation for Federal Civilian Employees in Ohio

Unemployment benefits eligibility for federal civilian employees is determined at the state level. However, unemployment compensation for federal civilian employees in Ohio is paid for by the federal government, and not by a portion of employee wages. Each state can determine if the standards for enrolling federal employees in its unemployment program. In Ohio, a federal employee must have been working at a federal agency for at least 18 months before being eligible for unemployment support. Also, the federal employee must have lost full-time employment through no fault of his or her own. For example, an employee who has been laid off will qualify, but an employee who was fired due to misconduct will not be eligible for benefits.

The process for applying for Ohio reemployment benefits for federal civilian employers is very similar to applying for unemployment benefits for ex-military or non-federal workers. Federal employees can use the Ohio government’s online system to apply for benefits, or they can apply by phone. Federal employees will need to provide the following details on their applications for unemployment benefits:

  • Their full legal names.
  • Their driver’s license or ID card numbers.
  • Their contact information.
  • Their Social Security Numbers.
  • Their citizenship or immigration statuses.
  • The address and contact information of their last employers.
  • Their SF-8 or SF-50 forms, which prove they worked for the federal government.
  • Any dependent information.

Former federal employees will also have to apply for at least two positions a week in order to remain qualified for the program. Read more about the qualifications associated with maintaining unemployment benefits in our free, downloadable guide.

Unemployment Benefits for Part-Time Federal Employees and Military Members

Unemployment compensation eligibility guidelines for ex-servicemembers and federal employees allows those who are still working part-time with the federal government or a branch of the military to apply for benefits. However, the amount of benefits the part-time employees receive on unemployment support will be lower than those who are not working at all. They will have to prove that they are looking for full-time employment on a weekly basis as well. Read more about Ohio unemployment compensation by downloading our comprehensive guide.


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