Unemployment Insurance Benefits in Ohio


All approved applicants should understand how to claim unemployment benefits in Ohio in order to access financial assistance. Claiming benefits for unemployment is different from filing an unemployment application. For an applicant to claim unemployment benefits, he or she must understand the steps necessary to do so, as well as the timeframe in which a claim can be submitted. An applicant should also learn how an unemployment benefits claim can be requested. Understanding important information about unemployment insurance claims, such as how to receive a PIN number to file or how an unemployment benefits extension works, can be critical for a claimant. To find out more information regarding to how claim unemployment benefits in Ohio, as well as how unemployment benefits will be provided, continue reading the sections outlined below.

What are federal unemployment benefits in Ohio?

To claim unemployment benefits in Ohio, a claimant must first be approved for unemployment by submitting an application. Once approved, claiming benefits for unemployment is a straightforward process. The unemployment benefits that a claimant receives are calculated by the Department of Job and Family Services, and represent a specific dollar amount. This dollar amount will be based off a variety of factors provided during the unemployment application process. In order to receive these federal unemployment benefits, weekly or biweekly claims will need to be filed.

What is the process surrounding how to claim unemployment benefits in Ohio?

In order for an applicant to claim unemployment benefits in Ohio, he or she must file regular claims with the Department of Job and Family Services for each week he or she is unemployed. Claiming benefits for unemployment can be completed online or through the phone, with the same login information provided during the application. A Personal Identification Number (PIN) is assigned during the application process, and will still be necessary in order to file weekly unemployment claims – either online or over the phone. Beneficiaries filing unemployment benefits claims need to do so in chronological order, from the oldest week to the most current week. It is up to the claimant to stay on top of filing unemployment claims each week; there will be no reminders to do so from the Department of Job and Family Services.

The unemployment benefits claim will require a beneficiary to answer specific questions regarding his or her circumstances. A few of the questions asked during a claim include:

  • During the week claimed, were you available for work?
  • During the week claimed, were you physically and mentally able to work?
  • During the week claimed, did you contact at least two employers?
  • During the week claimed, did you refuse work or a referral to work?
  • During the week claimed, did you quit employment?
  • During the week claimed, were you self-employed?

These types of questions are imperative in order for a claimant to receive benefits. For instance, contacting at least two employers during the week must be documented, and information regarding each employer will need to be provided for each claim. Answer honestly for each question asked. At the end of the unemployment benefits claim, a beneficiary will need to agree to all of the above-answered questions in order for the claim to be submitted for processing. A weekly claim confirmation will be provided for the claimant to maintain for his or her records. For more information regarding how to claim unemployment benefits in Ohio, download our free guide.

How will an unemployment benefits claim be paid out?

An unemployment benefits claim in Ohio is offered through two methods of payment. Federal unemployment benefits can be paid by direct deposit (through a checking or a savings account) or by debit card. Direct deposit unemployment benefits can be paid when a claimant files on a weekly or a biweekly basis. The claimant must submit his or her name, address, routing number and bank account number for processing. If a beneficiary chooses to claim benefits for unemployment outside of direct deposit, he or she will be paid via a U.S. Bank ReliaCard Visa debit card. No credit check or bank account information is necessary for this method of payment. The federal unemployment benefits are deposited to the card, and the claimant can use the card for purchases where Visa cards are accepted. The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services does not have a set day of the week in which payments are available. Read more about unemployment benefits by downloading our complimentary guide.

What is an Ohio unemployment benefits extension?

Applicants who claim benefits for unemployment in Ohio can potentially receive assistance for a maximum of 26 weeks, if the circumstances allow. An unemployment benefits extension can only be issued when the federal Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) is enacted. In times of high unemployment, an unemployment benefits extension can be granted – in specific situations. Beneficiaries can claim unemployment benefits for up to an additional 20 weeks, as long as they satisfy the necessary criteria for consideration. Once regular federal unemployment benefits are exhausted, a claimant will receive instructions on how to file for an unemployment benefits extension. In order for a claimant to file for an unemployment extension, he or she can call the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services Office of Unemployment and use the assigned PIN to complete the process. While Ohio currently has no effective unemployment benefit extension options available, all applicants and prospective applicants should stay informed about UI extensions, in case the circumstances change. For more information regarding claiming benefits for unemployment in Ohio, download our comprehensive guide today.

Ohio Job Services

What Job Services Does Ohio Provide to its Residents?

Ohio works to ensure its residents have help obtaining and retaining stable employment through its Department of Job and Family Services. Qualified residents can receive benefits such as Unemployment Insurance or partake in free training programs designed to improve employability. Additionally, qualified students can learn more about funding for higher education. Find out more about these services and how you can obtain them by reviewing our comprehensive guide today.

Who Can Receive Job Services in Ohio?

Job services in Ohio are available for residents throughout the state. However, in order to receive funds for education or for unemployment compensation, you will need to meet certain income requirements, among others. Additionally, you will need to fill out the appropriate forms in order to be considered for benefits. Find out the steps necessary in each application process and how you can qualify for benefits by reviewing our Ohio job services guide here.