The ReliaCard Visa Debit Card in Ohio

The ReliaCard Visa debit card is overseen by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS). Some of the programs the ODJFS oversees are The Unemployment Program and Child Support services. The ReliaCard benefits card was created as an easy way for the ODJFS to transfer government benefits from these programs to those who are qualified to receive benefits from the state. To find out how to activate ReliaCard benefits in Ohio, read the rest of the information on the page below.

How does the Ohio ReliaCard benefits debit card work?

The ReliaCard Visa debit card is a prepaid debit card that operates similarly to any other type of debit card available to patrons of most bank branches. The ODJFS will deposit the amount of benefits you are eligible for into your account, and you are able to use the ReliaCard to access those benefits as you would with a typical debit card. For example, you can use your ReliaCard child support benefits to make a purchase at a store, or you can use the card to withdraw cash from an ATM. The ReliaCard debit card can also be used to pay bills online. The ReliaCards are issued by U.S. Bank, and are free to use at any ATM managed by U.S. Bank. However, using the US Bank ReliaCard at a non-U.S. Bank ATM will come with a small processing fee.

The ReliaCard from U.S. Bank is similar a typical debit card in many other ways. After you are given instructions on how to activate your ReliaCard, you can sign up for email or text alerts from U.S. Bank, which will periodically inform you of how much is left in your benefits account. You can overdraw your account in certain situations, just like you can with a regular debit card. To avoid this from happening, you should check your ReliaCard benefits balance several times per week. Yet, unlike other debit cards, you cannot add funds to the account associated with card. Funds inside the account will not collect interest, either. Benefits from ReliaCard will not be looked at by credit companies, so you cannot use the card to build a credit history or a credit score. Download our free guide to read more about the Ohio ReliaCard.

How to Qualify for ReliaCard in Ohio

To qualify for ReliaCard benefits in Ohio, you first must be eligible for government assistance through a program for which ODJFS provides a ReliaCard. For instance, the Ohio Unemployment Insurance benefits program allows benefits from that program to be placed into an account that will be accessed by a ReliaCard. However, you will need to make sure you are eligible for unemployment enrollment, and then go through the application process, first. ReliaCard for child support payments are also available for those enrolled in the child support program.

Why should I use an Ohio ReliaCard?

The US Bank ReliaCard has many advantages for those who wish to use it. The Ohio ReliaCard debit card makes purchases easy at checkout by simply swiping your card to make a payment. You will also have access to your funds around the clock, because the ReliaCard can be used at most ATMs. The card allows its users to track purchases and the balance on the benefits account better than using only cash or checks. Additionally, the card is much more secure than using cash or checks for everyday purchases. You will not have to pay a fee for using the card (other than at non-U.S. Bank ATMs). It is a more reliable option than receiving mailed benefit checks, as the deposits into your benefits account are instant and automatic.

Yet, if you do not wish to activate the ReliaCard option for your benefits, you are under no obligation to use the card. If you have qualified for ReliaCard usage but prefer to use direct deposit, you can simply fax or mail a voided check to the ODJFS. Download our comprehensive guide to read more about benefit payments in Ohio.

What happens if my Ohio ReliaCard is lost or stolen?

If you believe you have lost your Ohio ReliaCard Visa debit card or that it was stolen from you, you should call the associated number on your card to report the claim. It is important to do this as soon as possible after you have confirmed that the card is missing. Your ReliaCard benefits will be transferred to a newly issued card, and the old card will no longer work. A new card will be issued free-of-charge, in most cases. However, if you gave out your ReliaCard debit PIN number or allowed another person to use your card, you could be liable for the fees of processing a new card.

You can update your ReliaCard from U.S. Bank with a change of name, address or phone number by calling the number associated with your card. You also must make sure that these changes have been made with the ODJFS to confirm your information is accurate in both systems. For more information about your ReliaCard, download our complimentary guide.

Ohio Job Services

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Who Can Receive Job Services in Ohio?

Job services in Ohio are available for residents throughout the state. However, in order to receive funds for education or for unemployment compensation, you will need to meet certain income requirements, among others. Additionally, you will need to fill out the appropriate forms in order to be considered for benefits. Find out the steps necessary in each application process and how you can qualify for benefits by reviewing our Ohio job services guide here.