Ohio Birth Records

Ohio birth certificates are essential vital documents that serve as official records that births have taken place in the state. This vital record is used for many basic purposes, including verifying your identity and place of origin. While an original birth certificate is filed after a birth is recorded, you may still find yourself in need of an extra copy. Fortunately, a certified birth certificate is easy to request, as long as you follow the proper procedure. A certificate of birth in Ohio can be ordered securely through a reputable, third-party provider for any Ohio birth that has occurred since January of 1908. The state also offers a few other solutions for obtaining birth certificates, and you can continue reading the sections below for more information.

Order Ohio Birth Certificates Online

When you complete a birth certificate application online, you can rest assured that your request is received immediately and is processed in a timely manner. Your birth certificate application will be processed within 24 hours of receiving the application, and as soon as the birth record in question is found, it will be mailed to you. To apply for a birth certificate online, all you have to do is provide the registrant’s full legal name, date of birth, the mother’s maiden name and the city or county of birth. Once you have filled out the birth certificate form, provided your signature and paid the service fee, you simply have to submit it for processing. You will receive your birth certificate copy in the mail within a few weeks. Obtain birth certificate documents online today using by a choosing a trustworthy third-party resource.

Get Your Ohio Birth Record in Person

Order birth certificate records in person with the state’s Vital Statistic Unit. While the walk-in service offers same-day transactions, your request can only be fulfilled during business hours, which means you have to take time off work to get the task done. Additionally, a birth certificate copy can only be ordered through the state or local Vital Statistics Office, so you have to drive out of your way to find a convenient location. Get your copy of birth certificate documentation online instead of sacrificing time and energy by requesting it in person.

Request a Certified Ohio Birth Certificate by Mail

You can obtain a duplicate of birth certificate by mail, but this method takes much longer than either ordering online or completing a walk-in request. First, you have to wait for the Vital Statistics Unit to receive your application, followed by long processing times, and then it is more complicated to receive updates on the status of your request. Furthermore, when you order a birth certificate by mail, you run the risk of your application getting lost or delayed during delivery. Overall, obtaining birth certificates by mail can take up to three weeks, and the correspondence is less reliable than simply ordering online. If you need your certificate of birth quickly and easily, then there are better methods available than sending your request by mail.

Who is eligible to order birth certificates in Ohio?

Birth certificates in Ohio are considered public record, which means they can be accessed and obtained by anyone. To order a certificate of birth, all someone needs is the basic information about the birth mentioned above. You will also have to provide a legitimate reason for needing the birth certificate form, as well as pay the application fee. If you cannot provide as much information as possible, the birth record search may not be successful. Furthermore, any copies you order are certified birth certificates; Ohio does not allow for the request of uncertified copies of birth certificates. However, if you need to obtain a replacement birth certificate for a sealed adoption, then that request is only authorized for certain individuals. Additionally, that order must be placed with the state or local Vital Statistics Office in person.

Uses for Birth Certificates in Ohio

A birth record is your first official form of identification, thus it is necessary when attempting to obtain any other legal ID. This means birth certificates are needed when you apply for a Social Security card or a state identification card, including a driver’s license. Moreover, if you are enrolling your child in school, most administrations require a copy of a birth certificate before registration can be complete in order to verify the student’s identity. If you have plans to travel abroad and need to apply for a passport, you are required to submit a certified copy of birth certificate with your application in order for it to be processed. A certificate of birth is also used when you register your family for medical services and health insurance benefits on a family plan. Last but not least, certain government assistance agencies may request copies of birth certificates as a confirmation of identification before approving applicants for benefits.

Ohio Health Services

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