Ohio Death Records

You can use a death index to search Ohio public records for any death that has taken place since January 1964. Death records are legal records that declare death by medical professionals. In Ohio, you are able to conduct a death certificate search once a medical examiner has properly filled out and filed the record, which indicates the legal name of the deceased, the date and place of death and the official cause of death. As a death certificate is essential for handling the final affairs of the deceased, it is in your best interest to obtain a copy as soon as possible. Find a death certificate easily online, by mail or in person. If you are wondering how to get a death certificate, simply continue reading the sections below for more information.

Get Ohio Death Records Online

How to get death certificates in Ohio is a common request, and public death records can easily be searched online. Many Ohioans ask, “How do I get a death certificate online in Ohio?” Obtaining a death certificate online is effortless, so it is ideal during the difficult time after a loved one has passed. If you are interested in how to obtain a death certificate online, then all you have to do is submit an application with the appropriate information. The certified copy of death certificate should be mailed to you within a few days. The application for death certificate requests the full name of the deceased, the place date of death and both parents’ full legal names. Without this specific information, the death records you are looking for will be harder to locate. Request death certificate documents online today through a reliable, third-party vendor.

Search Ohio Public Death Records by Mail

You can order death certificate through mail by either printing out an application or retrieving one from a Vital Statistics office. Once you have completed a death certificate application, you must mail it out, and then expect to wait up to three weeks before your request is fulfilled. This method for ordering a death certificate takes longer than all other methods, and requires you to go out of you way to retrieve a copy of the application, when you could use that time to submit the application, instead. Furthermore, your death record application may get lost in the mail, and you would have to reach out to Vital Statistics in order to be updated on your application’s status. If your concern is, “How long does it take to get a death certificate?” then this probably is not the right option for you. This is more hassle than you need after dealing with a death, so opt to order your death certificate online, instead through a reputable third-party provider.

Request Death Certificates in Ohio in Person

Find death certificate documentation in person by visiting any local Vital Statistics Office or the state Vital Statistics Unit in Columbus. While you can get your copy of death certificate papers through same-day service by choosing to walk-in to a Vital Statistics office, you can only fulfill your request during business hours. This means to request a death certificate, you will most likely have to take time off work and get stuck in traffic just to retrieve your documents. This is a lot of trouble to go through to order a death certificate, especially during a tough time when you are trying to settle the affairs of your recently lost loved one.

Who is eligible to request a death certificate in Ohio?

In Ohio, death records are considered public documents. Therefore, anybody can request a death certificate, as long as they have the appropriate information. To order death certificate, you will need the required details listed above. This specific information helps conduct a death certificate search with less possibility of error, as some individuals named in the death index may have similar names and have the same date of death. As those requesting a copy of death certificate papers must also provide their names and signatures, any mishandling of the document can be traced back to the person who ordered it. This means families need not worry about public death records being used inappropriately.

What are death certificates used for in Ohio?

Since death records confirm an individual’s death, they are used for a variety of official purposes when settling final matters of the deceased. Death certificates are essential when properly distributing estates to beneficiaries, if there are any, or turning those estates over to the state, if there are no beneficiaries. Furthermore, in order for life insurance benefits to be claimed, a certified death certificate needs to be provided to the insurance company. Some individuals, including a spouse or a child of the deceased, may also use death records to continue receiving Social Security or pension payments that were initially granted to the deceased. Regardless, it is always advantageous to keep two copies of death certificates in your personal records, so you have them on hand when you need them.

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